14 February 2017

Good Advice Before The End Arrives

Good Advice Before The End Arrives

I’m here only to share the Torah with you.

In Germany:  The Germans made a wall around (a certain) neighborhood, a ghetto with one gate, from the muslim/arab refugees.
23 Years to the End
223 Years Left for Teshuva and the Redemption
Tidbits about Amnon Levi (top secularist vs haredi) vs. Rabbi Mizrachi Debate
Heaven is a temporary Olam Haba – Not the Final Olam Haba
Question & Answers at the End Eye Opening

What is happening in this world?

Incredible UFO 2017 Caught By Mars Curiosity Rover UFO 2017


Anonymous said...

Is there any way that you can make this site more user friendly on a phone? It always looks messy and parts of info missing:(


Neshama said...

Oh, dear, so sorry.
Judi, these are videos and sized for the blog layout. If you click on the video does it take you to youtube? Is the youtube video not showing properly on your phone?
Or, maybe it’s the type? I centered it and maybe that is what is not showing neatly on your phone?
Or maybe its the right-side column. I’m not sure what the problem is.
Please let me know and try to be more specific; maybe I can change something.
BTW this is an old blogger layout and i am not able to redesign it. I would have to go with one of their new layouts which provides only light backgrounds – this may scramble all my older posts.