15 May 2024

Surviving The Days Before Moshiach by Roy Neuberger

The book HOLD ON by Roy Neuberger has made many waves in many lives:

"Chapter 8, Isolation and Redemption is particularly powerful. People hold by this book. When we did a Zoom press conference when the book came out, one of the reporters later told us that he had to go to the hospital for a scary biopsy and he brought the book with him to hold on to during the procedure. (It came out good!)”

Because of his great love for Am Yisrael and his steadfast devotion to HKB”H He has graciously permitted me to offer to readers of this blog an especial chapter that might be of benefit to anyone who reads it, since Am Yisrael is going through some very difficult times and we all need chizuk (encouragement).

 Chapter 8 will be posted in the following 4 installments

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