28 July 2020

UPDATE Emergency call to the public – קריאת חירום לציבור



yaak said...

The story he was saying at the end got cut off.

Neshama said...

If anyone know more about the story Rabbi Mizrachi is describing, please leave a comment.

the video seems something has been spliced out at the 9:16 mark, I wrote to the Rabbi and hopefully we will receive an updated video.

Unknown said...

Will the Rabbi repeat it in English?
I understood the gist of it - but what happens to those that don't?
It's a cry for action from all of Am Yisroel - regardless of where they live

moshe said...

Yasher koach! B'H, the Rabbi brought up this vital subject and is pleading before the nation to wake up, otherwise, it can lead to the end of our possessing our Land. The goyim are foaming at the mouth waiting to take over, c'v. It will never happen. This is an urgent wakeup call. The fault is the miserable leftist, G-Dless regime, but even moreso, the 'people', religious and others, who allowed this to get this far. Teaching all the wickedness in the schools, making a mockery of Torah and our great forefathers & Sages, teaching 'avodah zorahs' of all kinds in the schools and allowing missionizing to take place in Eretz Hakodesh. Why isn't there at least a million man march upon the knesset and the evil unsupreme court. Allowing this to continue will bring the wrath of H' as never before! May H' have mercy and protect the righteous & decent Yehudim who stand up for Torah and all that is holy. But those who make a mockery as stated above have no Jewish souls, so if they do not repent, do not cry for them or plead for them, for they have become lower than animals.

Neshama said...

I wonder if this is connected in any way?
“ When Channel 13 introduced its new documentary sequence The New Moroccans, directed by Dr. Avishai Ben-Haim, whose PhD was in Jewish Thought”

Can anyone watch this series and see if it is relevant.

elisheva said...

The letter you posted is about the closing of the yeshivot etc under the pretext of the corona. Rav Mizrahi was talking about a series called "hayehudim baim" (the jews are coming). Last week I think, Rav Zamir Cohen made a video about it. I only saw some brief clips. In the programme they ridicule important Jewish figures, Moshe Rabeinu, etc and the Torah. If you like the attack is two-fold, preventing religious Jewish children from having their education and causing the general Jewish population to hold Judaism up to ridicule. Rav Mizrahi said that we have to take action, but not clear what he meant specifically.

I had a quick look at the programme you mentioned but don't think it is connected. It is more about how Jewish moroccan culture, or at least an Israeli version of it, has become mainstream. The way that many people have a henna or celebrate mimuna.

On the other hand there is an Israeli series, "od nipagesh" we'll meet again, about estranged family members renewing contact after one of them became baal teshuva. The non-religious person has a religious person accompany them for eight episodes, and they get to know the religious world from the inside, and only in the last episode you see if they have a successful meeting. I thought it was really well done, and it had lots of positive comments.

And if more frum Jews would make aliya, our spiritual and electoral hold on the land and the institutions of the state would be much stronger. mi shematzbia mashpia.

Neshama said...

Thank you elisheva.
I do see a connection.
These negative actions against religious Jews all comes from a hatred toward them. In many different actions they display their inner feelings. The govt allows the secular or rest of the population to do many things that correspondingly are not allowed to Haredim.
Rabbi Mizrachi is warning us, as he has all along, that massive trouble is ahead.

Neshama said...

Elisheva, both are aimed at children, the future of Am Yisrael.
Anyone, Explain why HaShem would allow this as part of the redemption?

elisheva said...

Hashem speaks to us via the tsadikim and through events.


הרב קנייבסקי: "לעלות מיד לארץ ישראל ולהתכונן לגאולה!" 🔥 הרב אברהם ברוך

Rav Kanievsky says to make aliya immediately and prepare for the geula.

I hope that you allow this comment. Personally, I have a lot of hakarat hatov and respect for Rav Mizrahi for many reasons, but this is gadol hador speaking. And I admit that I am frustrated that geula bloggers bloggers are so unwilling to publicise Rav Kanievsky's words. The only place I can find them are on Arutz2000 and Rav Chaya's youtube channel.

Neshama said...

elisheva, there is no reason for me to prevent any of your comments to be published here. you are insinuating something that is not true.

elisheva said...

I accept that. Some of my comments didn't appear, I guess it was for technical reasons. More importantly, if you are willing to make a post of it, I will, bli neder, summarise the important points of the video I just posted, in English. The bottom line is that the Shechina has left the galut and returned to Israel, there is no longer protection there for the Jews, and they have to come to Israel immediately.

Neshama said...

elisheva, the video you linked to has music. tomorrow is rev Tisha B’Av and during yje three weeks we DO NOT listen to music. Plus this was not Rav Kanievsky, or his assistant.

Neshama said...

Its not necessary, and we know that already.

moshe said...

Why does everything have to be the thoughts and hashkafot of chareidim against their opposite, the leftist G-Dless ones. They are the minority but always have the power because Erev Rav are usually always very wealthy and have positions of power in governments and high places. We have to put emphasis on the real, actual and typical Jew who can be chareidi, religious, traditional and even secular. These are the good Jews whom we need to unite and, thus, have the hashpa'ah of bringing them closer to H' and Torah. As Jews, we are one and should act as one with basically the same goals. Think of Matan Torah where we were with one mind and heart but yet individuals. Maybe if we, the normal Jews, can unite in our aspirations, etc., then we can drive out the evil doers, i.e., erev rav and kofrim, etc. who could do teshuvah but if not, they are to be shunned. The mishmosh, in general, which was created especially within the last two decades is frightening. EY is for the Bnai Yisrael in its truest meaning.

Neshama said...

Moshe, the Vilna Gaon warned us about the Erev Rav. We need Mashiach to stop them. Have you seen the pics of the disgraceful protestors near Netanyahu’s home? They look just like the pride parade only worse.

elisheva said...

The video comes from Arutz 2000, a super haredi radio station, any music on it is suitable for the three weeks, the important thing is the message and its urgency, pikuach nefesh itself. I didn't say that it was Rav Kanievsky himself speaking, but the message came from Rav Kanievsky. It's not the first time they have broadcast the rav's message via other rabbonim, one I forget his name, but who is himself close to the rav. What is interesting/frustrating to me is that geula bloggers are so unwilling to post the words of Rav Kanievsky, but do post rabbis saying the opposite explicitly or implicitly. Personally, I have heard only one rav in chul saying that it is time for everyone to make aliya, but that for him it is too hard. So obviously many, many Jews do not understand the severity of the situation and the message and its urgency does need to be said, and in the rav's name.

Rav Brody said recently that rabbonim in chul telling people not to make aliya will have to answer for that in shamayim.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I tried to view the video Elisheva brought here but was unsuccessful because it is PRIVATE. It means that most people cannot view it except the group that uploaded it and their subscribers.

Now, THAT is frustrating to all of us. And by "all" I mean the entire world. We all need to hear that message.

It would be good to know who carried R' Kanievsky's message, and that the Rav affirms that it was conveyed correctly. Too many rabbis get misquoted, especially the great and influential ones.