21 December 2017

Rabbi Mizrachi: Judgment on a Whole Community

At the same time as the Zot Chanukah Miracle, we had a Community Tragedy, all happening during the 8 days of “A Little Light Dispels the Darkness” and a “Little Truth Dispels Falseness"

The Biggest Enemy Of Israel And God - The Liberal Judges In The Supreme Court

[listen especially from about 1:00 when Rabbi Mizrachi elucidates 
why we call it Zot Chanukah - fascinating]

And at the same time ('they say things happen in threes'):

Eminent Rabbi calls to fight altered conception of morality; calls to fight State descent 'into abyss of dehumanization, destruction of family, abolition of fatherhood, and loss of humanity.'

Rabbi Tzvi Yisrael Tau, Dean of Yeshivat Har Hamor, spoke with unusual forcefulness in lessons of recent weeks against attempts to turn the country into a "modern Sodom," as he put it, and called for a fight.

"For the past two years, we have witnessed a sharp rise in the consistent and ongoing process of changing the character of the State and society," Rabbi Tau explained, "by introducing postmodern concepts and altering the ideals of education and morality, diminishing the importance of family and values of purity in Israel, and establishing norms and standards of filth and abomination in the army and in every public place.

"There is no doubt that there are those who want to turn the State and society in Israel into flag-bearers and the point of the spear in the international marketplace of transgressors to erase human morality in favor of all the abominations of the gentiles.

"They are working to topple the delicate balance that has been preserved in the country throughout its existence - even by leaders who are far from Torah - in which religious symbols were set as a basis for public order, anchored in law, and rooted in government institutions. And they do all this without public consent, by determining facts and taking control of media discourse creating a dictatorship over thought. Thus in a consistent way they work to turn the country into a modern Sodom.

"Indeed, we are in the midst of a culture war," he said. "This demands of us, requires of us ... 'If you come against me in war, in this I trust,' says the verse. It is incumbent upon us to wake up. By the fact that war has been waged against me, I trust that I have the strength and obligation to withstand it and prevail.

"For the Holy One, blessed be He, does not come to His creatures with unreasonable demands. He is the Master of War, and He who brought upon us this war as well, so that we may discover new forces buried within us, and the conscious understanding that the present obstacle and our awakening to deal with it will lead us to reach our potential and bask in its light. Then we shall stand firm in the struggle for the State's and society's character, to elevate it to its own intrinsic abilities and to preserve it that it not sink into the abyss of the dying Western culture sinking into the morass of dehumanization, destruction of the family, abolition of fatherhood, and loss of humanity."

The rabbi's words presented here were prepared and edited in Hebrew by Rabbi Yosef Chaikin. ArutzSheva

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Anonymous said...

B'H, Rabbis and leaders are awakening to the evils that has overtaken humanity, in general; but in E.Y., it is beyond unacceptable!