13 December 2017

Recent Sighting and More on “THE SYSTEM"

Could it Be NIBIRU?

NASA to Announce Major Planet Discovery-Solar Phenomenon Stuns Onlookers-Supermoon Trilogy Begins. The planet is big enough to cluster 11 large bodies but is it responsible for the periodic strikes of comets and asteroids.

Nibiru Triggers Global Turbulence-Atmospheric Radiation Increases-Unknown Cosmic Rays Slam Earth. There is concern among scientists that the coming year may herald in a time of great seismic and volcanic unrest, unlike anything this generation has witnessed

View this from beginning only until 13:10 (the rest is his personal rantings)
Three Days of Rage, Nibiru's Tail and the Coming Eclipse

Planet X with high speed moon passes over Australia and more proof fast moons

Strange sky events recorded in Texas AND Louisiana on night of snowstorm!
DEC 12, 2017: Sky phenomenon occurs on the same night hundreds of miles apart in completely different states.

Rare Sky phenomenon – Right through the roof! (San Bernadino)

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