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20 December 2017

At the Site of the Chanukah Miracle 2155 Years Ago

At the Site of the Chanukah Miracle 2155 Years Ago

“Everything is in the hands of the kohanim. All the berachos and all the yeshu’os in every area. That is the power that the kohanim received from HaKadosh Baruch Hu.” -Rav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman zt"l

Zos Chanukah

One upcoming Jerusalem event takes this weighty statement seriously: A minyan of kohanim will pray together during lighting time on Zos Chanukah, a time known to be powerful for prayer. Their location will be at the Kosel Hamaaravi in the tunnels facing the Kodesh Hakodoshim from which the Shechinah moved and where the miracle of Chanukah took place 2155 years ago.

Who will they be praying for? Those who donate to Vaad HaRabbanim’s Zos Chanukah campaign  to help poor orphans and widows living in Israel.

The Kohanim minyan will be combined together with two other events, making this an epic gathering of prayer: Rav Chaim Kanievsky will pray personally for those who add their names to the list. A group of gedolei Torah and their emissaries will also complete 1000 repetitions of the Sefer Tehillim, a labor which involves roughly 2,000 hours of prayer. These three events will take place during the same precious moments, as the large group of holy people cries out to the heavens, on behalf of these poor families and all those who choose to help them.

Names are being accepted here for a limited time.

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