20 December 2017

Gavriel Sasson Writes Open Letter to Yosef Azan

Gavriel Sassoon Writes Open Letter to Yosef Azan, Father & Husband to Those Who Perished in [Recent] Flatbush Blaze

“I mourn for you my brother Yosef,” writes Gavriel to the father of the Azan family. “The fire by my house also occurred on Rosh Chodesh. Rosh Chodesh Nissan. The day that the nessiem began bringing their sacrifices to consecrate the altar in the Mishkan. By you, the fire took place on Chanukah itself. We were part of the same community and our children learned in the same schools. Some of them were even friends in the same class.

The nessim consecrated the altar to make the Mishkan useable for its holy service. On Rosh Chodesh, God asked for sacrifices to be brought in order to atone for his diminishing of the moon. The Temple does not exist today. Therefore, God takes the righteous from among us in order to be an atonement.

Our families were worthy enough to fulfill the passuk of: “Among those who approach me I will be proved holy; in the sight of all the people I will be honored.” Not only were they close to God, but they also brought the rest of the nation closer to God.

Yosef, now you are no longer just one of the regular people… Now you must rise. This is the command of your life!! Without it, there is no way to cope with a pain so all-encompassing.

How do you rise? You must simply love. Accept with love the tribulations and suffering. Love Hashem. Love everyone in the whole nation of Israel and do whatever you can for them. In the power of that love, it is possible to overcome all of the feelings that will continually try to pull you down and silence you. Feel that you are really resting in Hashem’s embrace. Love is life.

Gavriel Sasson

Source: Yeshivawordnews

I am very upset by this. Again another beautiful family destroyed by fire. Not by a Shabbos Blech, but by the Chanukah Candles. What does Hashem want us to learn from this? It affects all of us Jews; we must take this to heart and try to do Teshuva in some personal way. What does this mean for the Flatbush and Brooklyn Jewish communities? Devash will be posting a video by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, please go to her TomerDevorah blog and watch it.

'A special family of Torah and kindness'
Rabbis and family members eulogize Aliza Azan and her three children, who perished when their Flatbush home went up in flames. ArutzSheva

Tragedy in Brooklyn: 4 killed in house fire: Authorities say a 40-year-old woman, her 11-year-old son, 7-year-old son, and 3-year-old daughter died as a result of a house fire that broke out overnight. At least 10 people were injured in the fire, including three people who suffered serious injuries. Five of the injured were firefighters attempting to rescue people trapped inside the burning building. Arutz Sheva

Avraham Azan Sings For His Mother A"H At His Bar Mitzvah (this was videod just days before the tragedy)


GoldieZP said...

On the 7th night of Chanukah - Rosh Chodesh Tevet. Our 7 year old son, Yosef, almost became a living torch! I smelled smoke and ran to the menorah which is in our front bedroom. In the middle of the beds, in this small room, water was every where on the floor and a negal vasser cup. Our son was fixated with the fire of the candles from the 1st day.
I screamed "Yosef! Yosef! And burst out crying as I held him. He had put out the fire on his own without screaming fire fire! He was more afraid of his mother punishing him for starting the fire - than the consequence of what could have taken place!
HaShem, the master of death and of life did not want Yosef's neshama.
Yosef's rebbe had told the class of the tragedy and they said Tehillim for the Azan family members.
We showed the pictures of the beautiful family and the pictures of the fire and the video TO SHOCK YOSEF! He was terrified and cried much. The message sunk in. Boruch HaShem - he asked to say Hampil when he went to sleep.
Now what is this message to our family - which one parent is an Israeli? This chanukah fire was not the only message from HaShem to us. We have had 1) our building was one of two houses on our block without power when Sandy hit 2) electrical fire in our backyard 3) a tree crashing onto the car of our upstairs neighbor right in front of our building 4) possul mezuzot 5) only found out recently that we have been breathing the fumes from the clothes dryer machine for the past 7 years because the dryer vent was just placed between the floors and not to an opening in the foundation wall to exit the apartment 6) electrical outlets that do not work and I can list so many more incidents.
Now the owners of the house is moving. So our family has to find another place to live. I have a need to be in Israel! Our family has a need to be living in Israel! Our family is living in Israel!
This is NOT just a desire! It is a NEED! I heard Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein video just yesterday of a gadol in Israel that did not give a bracha to him to open a domitory for his seminary of girls that were on the street. Rabbi Wallerstein came back the next year and asked again for a bracha. The gadol gave it to him and said "last year you said you and the girls wanted this domitory and this year you said you NEED" and sure enough the bracha came and the money was raised that week!
MY FAMILY NEEDS TO BE IN ISRAEL!!! Please daven that this family get to Israel! Several Rabbis have said "secure a job and housing first". I do not think this way! I have always TAKEN THE STEP TOWARD'S HASHEM and HE OPENED THE DOORS for parnassa, work, a husband, a son..........We (all of klal) must take the step towards HaShem!!!!!And yes, I know that where your thoughts are that is where you are. BUT I NEED TO BE IN ISRAEL! http://geula613.blogspot.com/2017/06/name-analysis-of-convert.html

Neshama said...

Too many tragedies. My eyes were moist all day from this.

I just finished listening to Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi and listened to what he had to say about the Flatbush Chanukah Fire, and toward the end of the tape he said that the Torah says the husband NEEDS to give respect and LOVE to his WIFE and the mother of his children, SHE COMES FIRST. Its been a very sad day for all of Klal Yisroel, because it is a message to ALL of us. The Rabbi also said that sometimes instead of thousands dying, Hashem plucks “roses from the garden” (the children) to thwart the bigger tragedy.

I say, if the MOTHER and WIFE want to live in Eretz Yisrael, then the husband has to take her, go with her, and help set up a family in Israel. He should put his ego away, in a secret place within him, and do what’s right for his wife, the mother of his child(ren). Who ever is working in chu”l will find work in Israel. Its up to Hashem.

If I were you, I would tell my husband its now or never, we must go to Israel, forget about your previous life, HASHEM IS IN CONTROL, not you.

One way the husband knows the wife is serious, is when she starts packing up everything in the house, in order of less priority first, all with, “yes, I love you, but i need to be in Eretz Yisrael, and I’m heading in that direction.” Yes, bring home boxes and start packing the unnecessary items. The next step is to pack up the more important items. Sooner or later he’ll internalize the message. Bravery and feminine chutzpa. Cut back on food, and put money away in a tzedaka box with Aliyah to Israel written on the front of the box, so everyone will see it.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Why Flatbush? why special frum families? something is not right in Brooklyn. Staying in Brooklyn is dangerous.