10 December 2017

Meir Ettinger 6/12/2017 ENGLISH – "Now go and kill him"

Two years of torture: We will not forget and we will not forgive
The Sabbath was called for the sale of Yosef by his brothers. This week, two years of the torture of the hilltop youth will be completed by Shin Bet interrogations

Meir Ettinger

"Now go and kill him"

This Sabbath was read [about] Parashat Vayeshev, we heard about the sin of selling Joseph, about those brothers who could not hear the dreams of their younger brother, "and could not speak for peace" until they decided to murder him, sell him to the Ishmaelites and, most important,

This week there will be two years of Jewish youth being held captive by their Jewish brethren, under isolation conditions, without telephones, under much worse conditions than those held by the worst of our enemies, bloody terrorists who murdered Jews.

True, we can no longer elaborate on all the horrors committed in those days. We have not yet been given the authority to tell the abyss reached by Jews of their hatred and insensitivity, Jews who lost all Jewish images, and adopted methods of the despicable of our enemies. It is possible to believe that it will soon be possible to tell more, the stories that each listener will hear. It can be assumed that the public will soon know more about the vileness of the organization that purports to take care of our security.

This week will mark two years of daily suffering and suffering, of the best of our children, of the daily suffering of their families. Of GSS abuse of every individual and every cold.

It is time to remember that we must not forget, who is responsible for the atrocities, who initiated, who lied and who confirmed. We must not forget that this [‘saison'] continues today. The same miserable government that released thousands of terrorists, who sing with a skullcap from the Jewish home [Beit Yehudi], repeatedly voted for the release of terrorists with blood on their hands as a "gesture" to the Palestinians, but decided to be cruel to their brothers, continue to turn a blind eye to Arab terror .

We will not forget and forgive those who approved the torture, whether it's Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked or Eli Ben Dahan, who this week we found that he also approves the destruction of houses in the Land of Israel. We will not forget and forgive all the rabbis who filled their mouths, or the media people who served as spokesmen for the anti-Jewish gang in the Shin Bet.

Only two years have passed since the liar stood on a platform and declared, "Who do you believe in Ayelet Shaked or Itamar Ben-Gvir?" Since then, the Shin Bet has admitted full and half of the permits they received, and everyone already knows that the youths were tortured to extract confessions, To believe - and yet in "Alma Dasikra”[?] - are not interested in the truth, that will undermine the imagined tranquility,

"We are aware that there is justice and there is a judge. We have already seen what God did to the Boogi, how he fell from [Igra to Amira], and there is no doubt that none of the partners in the crime will be cleansed. But we must never forget and forgive those merciful to cruel, cruel and merciful.

"And we will see what his dreams will be"

After all the anger, after remembering well not to forget the crime, it is important to remember what Rashi writes about the same verse in which Joseph's brothers are harassing him to kill him, "and see what his dreams will be." And Rashi is important to explain that these words say, He asked us not to give up, to see what his dreams would be.

We all know what the Saison [?] is about, what this persecution means. Anyone who thinks that concern for security with Israel has motivated the inquisitors, anyone who sees the slackness in the face of Arab terror, and notices blatant discrimination, realizes that the fear is from the dream.

It is not for nothing that a gag order was issued on the existence of the Tsaf [?], that they are afraid that the dream will break out, and some people who yearn for the revolution are helplessly wandering, some people whose hearts are full of the establishment , And only expect that one day the dam will be breached, and it will be possible to release the yearning for redemption from the expectation of two thousand years that has been suffocated by the false hope of equality.

Joseph had been in jail for twelve years, twelve years without a date of release, in which his dreams would never have come true, everything would have been in vain, and Joseph alone, alone in the world. And all this time the voice echoed, waiting to see what his dreams would be.

Even if it is not always clear how it works, we believe in God that all the price that we or the members are paying advances us to the redemption that the Re'ut Taba Datavid has, as the Zohar says, there is no good will there. Our security is like that God continues hope within reality, suffering and suffering.

So you just have to tilt your ear, and hear the little girl laughing gently "and see what his dreams will be." Because it is certain that in light of all the persecutions, all dreams will come true.

*If anyone can clarify or supply a better English translation of the Hebrew word where I have placed brackets [  ] or “?”, please comment below.


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The Hunting Season or The Saison (Hebrew: הסזון‎, short for French: la saison de chasse) was the name given to the Haganah's attempt, as ordered by the official bodies of the pre-state Yishuv to suppress the Irgun's insurgency against the government of the British Mandate in Palestine, from November 1944 to February 1945.

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לית רעותא טבא דאתאביד =אין רצון טוב שהולך לאיבוד
or in English: no good thought gets lost.

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