26 December 2017

Parshat Vayechi: Message of Nir ben Artzi 12/24/2017 ENGLISH

There are portions of this that I have not been able to adjust. Please refer to the Hebrew should you have any questions

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
 Parashat Vayechi 5778,
It was reported on Sunday, 6 Tevet 5778

King of the Kings of the Holy One, blessed be He, created this world and all that is in it. Since Adam sinned, the world is in a difficult war between good and evil. Even after the Holy One, Blessed be He, brought a flood into the world and remained only Noah, his wife and children, the world continued the war between good and evil, even though evil was ninety percent lower than before the flood.

Until now, before Trump announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the world was once and again, once interfering with the Jewish people and once fighting the Jews. But now Trump announced the capital of Israel, because the Holy One, Blessed be He, wanted to start awakening the world that the holy Land of Israel, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, had to come out in public and build the Third Temple.

This whole pure and holy move aroused a great storm all over the world, panic, complications and disturbances, because Trump announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In the past, they struck and killed Jews, especially bodily injuries, but when the Holy One, Blessed be He, decided that he would turn the world into good, eternal life for Jews who would never die, and the capital of Israel, Jerusalem - the whole world is a catastrophe, chaos and chaos. Apart from the conflicts between them and the blows of the elements, they also oppose the Holy Land of Israel.

Why does most of the world resist? Because they care about Jerusalem? Most of the world oppose that power of impurity, the sitra achra, serpent and evil angels are inside their bodies. Satan and the angels of sabotage know that if Jerusalem is the capital city and Mashiach is published in public - the ancient serpent is slaughtered and there will be no more crime in the world, there will be no adulterers, no greedy people, no devils or lepers. All of them will hold the Ten Commandments 100 percent, whether they are Jews, in spiritual directions, or if they are gentiles - in material.

The Holy One, blessed be He, can not wait much longer and decided in the seventieth year to the Holy Land, to awaken holiness and purity to infinity! In order to bring Moshiach to the world in public, Jerusalem must be the capital city, where the Temple will be. There must be infrastructure, a building. And now Moshiach will soon be published in public.  ועכשיו משיח בקרוב יוצא לאור בפרהסיה.

No one in the world can harm the Holy Land! Trump would never come back and it would get stronger every day. Trump won from the Holy One, blessed be He, to proclaim Jerusalem the capital city. Nothing will help - neither Hamas nor the Palestinians, they do not belong to the people of Israel, they are just people who connected and suddenly became 'Palestinians'. They do not want peace, they hate the Jews and want to hurt the people of Israel. The Creator says to them, 'Nothing will help you. In the end, purity will defeat the impurity, the evil power. ‘

A great miracle was when Trump declared Jerusalem the capital city. This is the way of the Holy One, Blessed is He, to give a seal on Jerusalem, giving a seal on our righteous Mashiach to be published. 

On Chanukah were great miracles for the Jewish people, the Holy One, blessed be He, reveals good things to the people of Israel. Every holiday the Holy One, blessed be He, gives a gift to the people of Israel. So the Holy One, blessed be He, says to the people of Israel: 

'Do not be beautiful [bashful] in the face of the world. Here I discovered, and all the scorpions and snakes come out of the caves, and come to attack you. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for thousands of years! ‘

Members of Knesset and Ministers, be vigilant and do not believe any country in the world. Only to countries that are truly [friends of] Israel.

The Creator says to the Jews abroad: 'Please, leave the golus and come to settle the Holy Land. Stop playing with me. One day I will be serious with you and nothing will help you. Like every child born - brings the blessing to home and family, so every new immigrant who comes to Israel - brings the blessing to the Holy Land.

Whoever invests and buys a house in the Holy Land will be blessed by the Supreme One, the Holy One, blessed be He, blesses him directly! Mitzvah to settle the Holy Land! Whoever buys a house outside the Holy Land has no blessing in it.

All the rich and the non-rich - to give tithes!

The elements of nature, fire, water and floods, harsh winds, volcanoes and earthquakes, accidents of aircraft, ships and trains - will continue strong.

In France a large part of the citizens are Muslims, so why should it vote for Israel? If she voted for Israel, the Muslims would kill everyone and be destroyed from the world.

Turkey, the Turks discovered that Erdogan is corrupt, he wants to devour everyone and cares only for himself and his family. Erdogan is talking against the people of Israel, he will fall in a big way and everyone will see him fall. Turkey is losing all direction in economy and trade, not knowing who is against whom.

Da'ash does not let go of Turkey, because his mother's base is there.

Iraq is dead.

Iran, 90 percent of its citizens love the Jews. Only twenty [percent of] members of her government hate the Jews free of hatred. The Creator says to Iran: 'You are out of credit. You will get beaten, earthquakes, more blows from the elements, and other complications and conflicts with yourselves that you have not yet dreamed of. “

Syria is killing each other. Hundreds of people continue to be killed there, some discover and others do not. They are very thankful to Assad that he is strong and successful - everything is a lie, he does not succeed in anything.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, no one likes them, everyone hates them. They are running out.
Russia, Putin is looking at the world. He loves the Holy Land, Israel. Selling arms and ammunition to gentiles.

North Korea, the citizens hate Kim and want to kill him. Kim sees that a man has risen up against him-executes him to put fear in Korea, he wants to be king. The US has missiles against all of Kim's missiles.

Egypt is entangled in the economy, Sisi does not want the Palestinians and Hamas. Therefore, he is in favor of establishing a Palestinian state, so that they will leave him.

Hamas leaders are taking money into their pockets, millions. Five percent of the money is distributed to the residents and they accuse Israel of being "barely alive" …

All of Europe and the United States hate the Palestinians and Hamas, and everyone in the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem is the seed of Amalek, everyone hates them in the world.

In Israel everything is good. Rain will come and fill all that is missing.

All accidents in Israel are caused by illegal driving and by dealing with smartphones. The fires in Israel, ninety-nine percent, are arson. They are arson.

The IDF must be alert, there are plenty of tunnels, you have to be careful, they send missiles to Israel and as if Hamas does not agree to this, it's all one whole show, they want to heat the business, but they do not know that the IDF will not enter the Gaza Strip, 

Parents, Keep your children from assimilation. Try your best not to miss  [deprive] them money or other things so that the Gentiles will not convince them with money to deviate from Judaism and get them into drugs, alcohol and gambling.

All thieves, bribery and bribery, all of them, from the smallest to the largest, are religious and not religious. The Holy One, Blessed is He, cleans and purifies Israel and the entire world, prepares Him for the revelation of our righteous Mashiach.

All the righteous who died from the world pray in heaven. After the Holy One, Blessed be He, gave the Rabbis of Israel the vision of those who chose the Mashiach, he would put the Rabbis of Israel in order to speak and say who the Holy One, Blessed be He, chose to be the Mashiach. The Holy One, blessed be He, came to the four great men of Israel who left the world and revealed to them exactly who the Mashiach is. They alone could not do anything because they were afraid. They preferred to go upstairs and help from heaven. 

The name of the Mashiach and his place of residence were revealed to the four. When one did not succeed, two failed, the third and the fourth did not succeed, because they were afraid of making mockery of them, the Creator created a vision for more than 130 rabbis and greats of Israel. When there is a very large group of rabbis who received the vision - they will have the strength, the confidence and the courage to speak to whom the Holy One, Blessed be He, has chosen to be the man of Gd, the King Mashiach!

Dear Jews, do not be afraid that Moshiach will come out in public, as is his custom. כמנהגו נוהג

There will never be death for the Jews, there will be no diseases, there will be no shortage of money, there will be abundance in all! There will be a world of peace and quiet, no more wars, no more dead, no more dead! On the contrary - the Temple will be built and there will be the resurrection of the dead!

 Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website


drbsd said...

Many people appreciate your translations. Thank you.

Rahel F Adye said...

Thank you for this and may Menachem ben Rivkah, who used to translate the rav's wisdom on his "Absolute Truth" blog have a complete refuah shleyma.

Luana Goriss said...

The dates at the top of the article are wrong. I don't know what the first date refers to, but the second should say, "It was reported on Sunday, 6 Tevet 5778."

Could you please correct the dates so I can share the article?


Neshama said...

Amen IY”H

Esther said...

This brings me much comfort ,the wait will finally end and please let all our long lost brothers come home to get reunited with the family -this is going to be more dramatic than what happened with Yosef and his brothers .......

Anonymous said...

I agree and I'm excited about the translation! The only thing that I disagree with is the fact that the Holy Temple will come down from Shamaim. It will not have to be built. We build it by prayers and by charity and by repentance! That's how we will rebuild the Temple! Treat the next human being with human dignity! Every Jew needs to love every other Jew. It is as simple as that. I wish everyone an easy fast, Amen.