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12 December 2017

Parshas MiKeitz – Nir ben Artzi Message ENGLISH

This is truly amazing what he says. Read it carefully. The doubters should doubt no longer. I have to try to translate carefully to give you the full excitement contained therein.

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita
Parshat Miketz – Hanukkah תשע"ח
Sunday, December 10, 1717 8:30

  • King of the Kings of the Holy One, blessed be He, everything begins from him and ends from him. It is time and time to purify the entire world and the entire earth in the direction of purity and holiness, truth and honesty and love for free. Death will cease forever and there will be a world of peace.
  • There was great joy in the sky [Shamayim] and in the country that President Trump was given the right to proclaim that Jerusalem was [is] the capital of Israel, in the seventies [seventy years] of the State of Israel, the Holy Land. *Though the Holy One, blessed be He, spoke from his throat, Trump spoke with enthusiasm and strong speech, A superior [the Strength of the One Above] spoke from his throat.
  • There is Jerusalem above and Jerusalem below - now both are connected. That is why [Therefore] the whole world is noisy, **raging and raging [rage and fright], because we know that evil and impurity are going to go away from the world. There is the Land of Israel on earth and there is the Land of Israel in heaven. 
  • Jerusalem The Capital of Israel The Holy Land, from the beginning of the world and from which the whole world was founded, Jerusalem was opened up! When Jerusalem opened up [from Above], all the cities and moshavim within the Land of Israel were also opened up [from Above]! Connected [Joined together] the same as the heavenly Jerusalem and the earthly Jerusalem.
  • As we have said, Rachel with Messiah son of David on earth, and Leah with the Supreme Messiah in heaven.
The "supreme" Messiah, Mashiach Above connected [is joined] with the lower Messiah [Mashiach below].  Leah and Rachel made peace between them, they did not stick to [are not strict with] each other and were joined together.

He loves the Jews who live in Holy Land and loves the Holy Land, and he does not publicly support Israel, Trump is now very happy that he has fulfilled what he promised, What he did not have before was the time from above, and now, in the 70s [th anniversary] of the State of Israel, he is fulfilling what the presidents promised him, and Trump received speech, entered his throat from heaven, and he was glad he finally managed to talk that Jerusalem was the capital. He does not regret even a thousandth second of what he said because he knows the truth. That the Palestinians and the Hamas and all the Arab countries do not want peace, so he declared Jerusalem the capital city, and they do not want peace, so why wait? When a great power speaks, ninety percent of the world accepts what it says.
  • This is a great miracle in the month of Kislev, a month of miracles before Chanukah - seventy years of the State of Israel! And the Holy One, Blessed be He, loves the number seven very much. "And on the seventh day they shall dwell on all His work which He has done, and God bless the seventh day, and sanctify it ..." (Genesis 2: 2-3). It is miraculous miracles that the people of Israel in the Holy Land reached the age of seventy! The revelation of Mashiach and the Temple is in two stages. First Mashiach and Second Stage - The Temple!
Eretz Israel is a small place in the world and the most successful in the world. Trump announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and all the evil "snakes and scorpions" went out of the way. The world and every country have very severe disturbances. What has been to this day is nothing. Jews have to flee from abroad urgently, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, has decreed that the Land of Israel exists forever, and the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, which belongs to the Holy Land and to the Jews and the Holy One, Blessed be He.

This is the gift of the Creator to the Land of Israel and the entire world, before the preparation and discovery of the King Messiah! The Creator of the Universe prepares the way for the arrival and revelation of the King Messiah in public!

In all the countries that wish to disturb the holy Land of Israel, they will receive the most severe blows, which have not yet been thought of and have never been seen before.

Russia, Putin deeply loves Israel and the Jewish people and quietly protects the Holy Land. Knows within it that the Jews in the Holy Land are a chosen people and that the world exists in their favor.

North Korea, Kim imagines and thinks he is king of the world. Soon they would hurt him in his [from within his] people. His people do not agree with what he wants to do.

China is discovering and showing its character. Not only did they declare Jerusalem the capital city, now they see exactly who is against and who is in favor of Israel. The Holy One, Blessed be He, shows to the Land of Israel, to Jews living in the Land of Israel and the world - how many objections [haters] the Land of Israel has.

Hamas and the Palestinians will not help them. There are now devices that detect all the tunnels.

Egypt, Sisi as if condemning Trump's decision like everyone else, because he is afraid of fifty million people in Egypt who will hurt him.

The King of Jordan is the same.

Turkey threatens to stop ties with the Land of Israel - stop it, who needs it ?! Its only big loss. Seventy percent of it is already destroyed and Erdogan is in the sights.

Syria is erased and erased. And there will remain a mountain of flour.

Russia and the US practice in Syria.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have run out of power. Nasrallah dismantles all the ammunition and weapons, but he keeps them for his day of judgment, not against Israel, but against all the rebels and enemies he has in Lebanon, and if he uses it against Israel, how will he protect himself? He has the ammunition and he does not get any more from Iran ... Sometimes he has some sense ... sometimes.

The whole world needs and relies on the State of Israel, economically, militarily, politically and technologically. The Land of Israel is the center of the world that rejuvenates the entire world. There is a law in Israel that deals with every person suspected of any crime, there are police, there are courts and lawyers. It is forbidden to intervene and the media must not destroy people before they are tried.
The Land of Israel is developing and growing, real estate is abundant and houses and roads are being built.

The new immigrants settle not only in Tel Aviv! To send them to settle the Negev, the Western Galilee, the Golan Heights, Samaria, Binyamin, Judea, the Jordan Valley and the Arava. Fly with it! Do not procrastinate, urgent! The Creator wants to build endlessly in the Holy Land. The Jews will come en masse, an airlift will bring the Jews from abroad to Eretz Israel, and it will be an amazing sight unlike any other in the world to see how the sons of the Creator are returning from exile to live in the Holy Land!

At the same time, the Creator treats the infiltrators, legally transferring them from the Land of Israel to another place. there is progress. Well done to the employees who manage the issue in a good and legal way.

Rain in the Land of Israel - everything is very good. To worship the Holy One, blessed be He, with joy and peace, to multiply by grace, prayers in the minyan, study of Torah and the observance of the Ten Commandments.

All the rich: Invest in the tithes in the Holy Land! We must give first of all to the poor of your household, the poor of your city, and the poor of your country. Anyone who gives money abroad will go bankrupt, and whoever makes donations from Ta'aseret in Eretz Yisroel will be rich, and the Creator blessed that "tithes will be rich" - the Holy One, blessed be He, The rich are allowed to work abroad in order to make money and bring them to the Land of Israel.

Anti-Semitism is now increasing by many times. The naturalists [nature] will continue To strike [very strongly] in a very strong world. The Creator of the World asks: Jews must not assimilate. Because of assimilation there is trouble for the Jews. It is better to convert and not live with a gentile [no clear translation for this, very unclear].

Gambling, alcohol, drugs, assimilation and small children who use smartphones: Parents - you are guilty of everything! Educate your children and do not say, 'They're still small, never mind.' A Jewish child of three years of age.

The Messiah works day and night, the Messiah asks and decrees, and the Holy One, Blessed is He, sustains. Therefore Mashiach is the newborn of a woman, he is a man called the man of Gd - man and angel. The person in him - all mercy. The spirit in it - it's an angel. The soul in it - this is the “unit. [Yahida]” 

The vision we spoke to come to the great Torah: a large part received it, the second part - will receive it. Each according to his faith will see the vision. Some will be afraid to talk and some will not understand it so much. The Creator of the universe, there is no compromise in him, he will not give them rest until they clearly see the vision, they will have faith and speak what the Holy One, blessed be He, asks them to say: Who has chosen the Holy One, Blessed is He : To say who the Holy One, blessed be He, chose to be a man of Gd, Moshiach worked for the people of Israel! 

Promising in the sky [Shamayim] that soon they will talk big!

*Oh, my gosh, I heard that portion of Trump’s speech, and heard his voice change into a declaratory strong cadence, and I thought something was different. Now we know what that was.

ADDENDUM: As an add-on, Rabbi Kessin was interviewed by Tamar Yonah (can be heard at ShiratDevorah), and he said that at a certain point in the war at the end, A Voice will be heard [Hashem] saying, “do not fear, all this has been done for my Nation etc. (I don’t have the exact wording, but he did say a "Voice will be heard”. What is written above about “the One Above” speaking through Trump’s voice reminded me of this. "Borech shem kavod meolam voyed”

** (the words) referenced in Mesillat Yesharim

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