18 December 2017

Parshat Vayigash – Nir Ben Artzi MESSAGE 12/17/17 ENGLISH


Message from Nir Ben Artzi – Parshat Vayigash
It was reported on Sunday, December 17, 2017 8:30

King of the Kings of the Holy One, Blessed is He, everything starts from him and ends from him, the time has come and it is time to crown the King Messiah! There will be a world of truth, honesty, love-free and there will be no death for the Jews. There will be a world of peace. Do not procrastinate, everything is true!

There was great joy in heaven and earth when US President Trump was given the right to proclaim that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, in the seventies [seventieth year] of the State of Israel, the Holy Land, even though *an angel spoke from his throat. He wants the State of Israel to be strong and strong, because he knows that the Jewish people living in the Land of Israel is good for all the billions of people in the world, to give them life and success in the world. The whole world lives by virtue of the Land of Israel.

Jerusalem, above, and Jerusalem below are connected, and as we have said, Rachel [trained] with Mashiach ben David on the earth in Israel, and Leah with the supreme Messiah in heaven. The upper Messiah - this is the "only” [Yehida] who connected with the lower Messiah. Leah and Rachel made peace between them, did not stick to each other, joined together and working in full harmony.

Trump announced the capital of Israel, before Chanukah, which concerned the Temple and lighting the menorah from the only remaining oil. A week after the announcement, Hanukkah began, when the weak defeated the heroes [many], the few who were pure, the innocent, the righteous, the wicked, and the Torah worshipers. This fits exactly for the period. Chanukah is a great light for all the people of Israel, it is the hidden light. The Jewish people must thank each and every moment for the miracles and wonders that the Holy One, blessed be He, does to them, that the Holy One, blessed be He, is happy with them, loves His Jewish children and wants them to respect and acknowledge everything He gives them. [We]Are in the time of the revelation of King Messiah! Gog and Magog and chaos - this is outside the borders of Israel. They fight between them and the Holy One, blessed be He, gives hatred in their hearts, among them "and their sword will come in their hearts and their bow will break.”

The Palestinians and Hamas and the rest of the Arabs (not all of them) want to destroy the Land of Israel, they do not want peace. Hatred. If they want peace, what do they care about the capital city being Jerusalem ?!

The State of Israel, not to wear silk gloves, the tougher you are, the more the world will respect you. After Trump's announcement, the whole world is against Israel. All the snakes and scorpions came out underground and anti-Semitism was revealed in its nakedness.

[since this was written, Trump came out and said this: “Today, the threats from radical jihadist terrorist organizations and the threat from Iran are creating the realization that Israel is not the cause of the region’s problems. States have increasingly found common interests with Israel in confronting common threats.” from ArutzSheva]

Egypt, Sisi gives backing to Hamas and the Palestinians, so that they will leave it alone. [He] Want[s] to get rid of them. In Egypt as usual - fifty percent without proper food. Hatred is growing, Sisi in his heart is not against Israel.

Jordan is waiting for salvation, everything is a mess and the king is afraid that they will kill him. The Jordanians hate him and he lives in fear, Israel helps and protects him.

The United States, Trump talks about something in the world and Israel speaks and does something else, and all his promises are made for the good of the Land of Israel, whether secretly or openly, and not to interfere with him, all his plans, even if they do not sound good in the media. In favor of Israel.

Turkey, Erdogan is going crazy day by day. [He] It speaks badly of the people of Israel in all directions. The Creator will bring him down. Destroy his economy, have Sodom and Gomorrah in Turkey.

Turkey will go bankrupt, because Da'esh controls [Ardouan and] Erdogan, who does the will of Da’esh.

Syria. There is no peace in Syria and there will be no destruction and destruction and [hahurban].

Russia, Putin loves Israel secretly. Because of the ammunition and arms sold to Arab countries, shows other things to Israel.

North Korea, the citizens hate Kim, do not know how to get rid of it. Trump does not want to use an atom. Kim does not want to use an atom. Nobody wants to use an atom, because the atom, that is the worst thing in the world is also the best thing - its presence makes peace in the world, because everyone is afraid to die from the atom, so make peace.

Lebanon, Talk Talk. Do not want wars and do not want problems.

Hizbullah, Nasrallah howls like a cat and no one helps him. His strength is diminishing, he keeps ammunition for his own defense. How he has new ammunition and everything that Iran sends - is exploding.

Iran sends soldiers to disrupt Israel, "their sword will come in [pierce] their hearts and their bow will break." The Creator will strike Iran with earthquakes and natural disasters, because of ten people in power who are driving all of Iran crazy. Most of the citizens, ninety percent and more, love the Jews and the Land of Israel.

The Gaza Strip is not yet ready for war, they want to arm themselves and strengthen. Have not yet recovered from the blow they received during Operation Tzuk Eitan, and they have not yet rehabilitated [from] what happened. From time to time they harrass with various missiles. The death of the Gaza Strip, Hamas and the Palestinians, that the Jews found a patent that reveals all the tunnels, and they have a lot of tunnels - the IDF will find them all!

Hamas does not want war at the moment, showing its presence from time to time. They know that if there is a war, the IDF will end Hamas and the Palestinians with the air force and will not bring soldiers into the Gaza Strip, Israel allows them to bring in building materials and bomb the tunnels, Israel knows exactly where the building materials are going and blows them [up] in the[ir] face.
What Trump did in the world when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel - increased anti-Semitism in a very significant way, in order to expel the Jews from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. This is the work of the Holy One, Blessed is He! Instead of sending messengers to persuade Jewish communities to immigrate to the Land of Israel, the Creator of the world, in ten minutes of Trump's speech, he turned the whole world upside down and all the Jews were in danger! Soon the Jews would come en masse by air. It is worthwhile folding the Torah scrolls, leaving all the countries of the world and coming to the Holy Land. Seven and a half billion people are going crazy day by day, how to hurt the Jews. If he [it] erupts, he [it] will not stop.
In Israel, the economy is fine, the Holy One, Blessed is He, and not a single person. The rain will fall, despite the tension and pressure. The Creator of the World: The prayer of every Jew will not hurt - just help. There is nothing missing in Israel. Israel is the best place in the world, the most protected.

The disasters will continue abroad, earthquakes, floods, heavy rains and winds, fires and natural disasters will continue throughout the world.

All thieves and fraudsters, zealots and bribes, will all be discovered naked.

Parents keep your children from using smartphones, gambling, drugs, drinking and assimilation.

Dear Jews, let the law do its job. All the demonstrations are for nothing. Anyone who gets bored comes to the demonstration. Too bad. There is a law in the State of Israel that will deal with all the disturbances.
We are in a period very close to the revelation of King Messiah in public. Moshiach works and works to save the people of Israel, according to the instructions of the Creator. Up and down wait for the Creator's instruction to reveal the Messiah. Although everyone is procrastinating, the Holy One, blessed be He, will give instruction and everything will be opened. There are no dates for anyone in the world. Only at that moment will the Creator decide - everyone will know. The vision that the rabbis need to receive, in order to point out who the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen for the Messiah, most of those who have to receive - has accepted the vision!
* Listen to Trump’s speech again; and listen for when his speaking become stronger and quicker, for a single profound announcement.  Especially in light of what he pronounced today about the terrorists being the source of trouble in the M.E.

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