29 September 2017

Wishing Everyone a Meaningful Yom Kippur . . .

and an easy fast;
and also if anything i posted was offensive, i'm sorry; please feel free to comment even if you are complaining, like to hear from you. Forgive me for any instances of insult or lack of respect, i'll try to catch myself in the future. 

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HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Thank you!!!!

I'm so glad I am dear to you. I have something to tell you that I have been saving for a special time - maybe now is good?

When we were making aliyah back in '07, we wanted to have a Web site about it and looked up habayitah - just as you have it here - and it was the first time I had seen your blog. So, I've known about you for a while, but I needed to find my way around and get acquainted with the scene first, and catch up Torah-wise at the same time.

We came up with another name, of course, but it's too out of date to show now - and we are talking about doing something else with it.

G'mar hatimah tovah to you too, my dear!