13 September 2017


WSO - Suspicious Activity Points to Pending Event

BLOOD COLORED MOON / SUN (starting around 2:13)

Fire in the Sky News: San Diego eyewitness - "It looked like a UFO" (quote)
So Cal sees yet ANOTHER bright fireball in the early night sky! Some observers say it was as bright as the sun and others describe it as UFO-like.

NEW - *Hurricane JOSE* - Forecast shows WILD path possibilities
September 12, 2017: UPDATE | Hurricane Jose in the Atlantic Ocean 700 miles off of the east coast of Florida. [With Jose, as it was with Harvey and Irma, there was/is strange movement of the Eye of the Hurricane; moving in, backing up, hovering in place, moving ahead in a different spot, going sideways. This gives a really stretched notion that ‘something’ or ‘someone’ was “steering” the Hurricane Eye]

Bay Area sees 1,200 lightning strikes in rare September thunderstorms
Updated on September 12 at 7:20 a.m.: The National Weather Service reported Tuesday morning that 1,200 cloud-to-ground strikes and 5,800 in-cloud strikes hit the Bay Area Monday night. "You can see both," says Scott Rowe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Monterey. "Both are just as dangerous.” It started with strong wind gusts between 35 and 50 mph that roared through Monterey County and parts of the South Bay in the early morning hours. Later in the day, temperatures climbed to the 90s in San Jose and the high 80s in San Francisco.  [Could be NIBIRU et al making their orbit in our atmosphere] sfgate

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