27 September 2017

Slichot Over the Years in Yerushalayim

סליחות בכותל המערבי מוצ"ש . . . Jerusalem selichot at the Kotel Sept 16 2017

Selichot In Hevron 
סליחות במערת המכפלה – Sept 2017

Carlebach Selihot in Old City 5775 - Chizki Sofer

Rosh Hashanah is over.
Now in Jerusalem, Israel,
it is time to prepare for Yom Kippur.
The late night Selihot are a major tourist attraction.
These special prayer services are now accompanied by music.

Avenu Malkanu with Reuven Rivlin at Selihot (2016)
Sephardi Chazan Chaim Israel, President Rivlin sang, this time
calling for “charity and good deeds.”


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Neshama said...

No, Gale, I’m sorry I don’t and don’t know how to do it.