18 September 2017

Ha’Azinu: “'Listen, O Heavens’ ... I am Warning Israel, and You Shall Be Witnesses …"

...he called upon heaven and earth as witnesses...that endure forever

Listen, O heavens, and I will speak! 
And let the earth hear the words of my mouth!” 
(Devarim 32:1)

Rashi: "Listen, O heavens" that I am warning Israel and you shall be witnesses in this matter, for I have already told Israel that you will be witnesses. And so is [the clause] "And let the earth hear" [to be similarly understood].

Now why did [Moses] call upon heaven and earth to be witnesses [for warning Israel]?

Moses said: "I am [just] flesh and blood. Tomorrow I will die. If Israel says, 'We never accepted the covenant', who will come and refute them?" Therefore, he called upon heaven and earth as witnesses for Israel -- witnesses that endure forever. Furthermore, if they [Israel] act meritoriously, the witnesses will come and reward them: "The vine will give its fruit, the earth will yield its produce, and the heavens will give their dew". (Zech. 8:12)

And if [Israel] acts sinfully, the hand of the witnesses will be upon them first [to inflict punishment upon them]: "And He will close off the heaven that there will be no rain, and the soil will not give its produce" (Deut. 11:17) and then [the verse continues]: "and you will perish quickly" -- through [the attacks of] the nations.

Hurricanes, NIBIRU?, Electric Type Sky Events
[Nibiru seems to be in the background as “Nature Events” take center stage. Moshe Rabbeinu called the Earth and the Celestial Bodies to be Eidim (witnesses) to the Torah admonitions]

September 15, 2017: UPDATE / Hurricane Jose is being forecasted to morph into a giant structured storm, creating a tremendous wind field reminiscent of Superstorm Sandy of 2012. The track has once again shifted and more models are in agreement now on something else that could spawn a very unique scenario in the coming days in the Central Atlantic. Getting close to the upper NE by the 18th.

A Massive Hurricane is spawning and headed straight for East Coast!
September 16, 2017: A strange scenario, according to current forecast models are showing a very unusual, almost a head on collision of two hurricanes off of the East Coast of the US on September 25, 2017. Hurricane Maria, forecasted to be a Major Category Hurricane is coming very close the the East Coast, but almost miraculously is grabbed by Hurricane Jose! Of course, all of this is subject to change but this is what the models are showing now.

Hurricane Jose ambles off U.S. coast as new Tropical Storm Maria tracks Irma's early path (see video at) USAToday. The National Hurricane center is eyeing three storms in the Atlantic - Hurricane Jose, Tropical Storm Maria, and Tropical Storm Lee. A hurricane watch was issued for Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat, a route followed by Irma as it moved westward.

SHOCKING! Lightning Coming off SUN 
Another SIGN of PX?

Ultra Violet Sunlight Strength - UVA-B & UVC 
"Daily Data Values" in the Human Domain
Relevant data you should probably have heard of by now, it's global...The numbers you see in this video being measured is "Electromagnetic Radiation". TEAM UV monitors these values everyday keeping a watchful eye on the protective shields of our atmosphere. If they ever begin to fail....we will know and so will you

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