07 September 2017

MK Smotrich: Pay for Voluntary Arab Immigration

MK Smotrich: *Pay for Voluntary Arab Immigration – Kill Hope for Palestinian State

A new political plan by MK Bezalel Samotrich (Habayit Hayehudi) proposes creating a government mechanism to issue high monetary compensation to “encourage voluntary emigration” of those Arabs from Judea and Samaria as well as green-line Israel willing to give up the realization of their national aspirations between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Next week, a conference of Smotrich’s faction, the National Union, is expected to adopt his plan.

“This is not a transfer,” Smotrich told Israel Hayom on Wednesday.

“Today, 20,000 Palestinians leave the West Bank every year. Their own surveys show that 30% aspire to emigrate. I will help them carry this out, fairly, with full monetary compensation, and not by coercion. It will be cheaper than wars and military operations every few years.”

“It is not despair that drives terrorism, but hope, whose main expression is the Palestinian State. That is what I intend to sever.”

[. . .] We can’t expect the IDF to eradicate terrorism and at the same time work to keep alive the hope that fuels terrorism.”

*[Now that’s an idea who’s time has come. This MK is thinking correctly.]

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