25 September 2017

RABBI YISROEL NEUBERGER to speak at Teshuva Boot Camp in Tzefas


Teshuva Boot Camp Speaking Announcement

Dear Friends:

For any of you who are in the area of Tzefas, Israel I want you to know that Leah and I will be speaking IY”H this week at the Teshuva Boot Camp, an all-day program of study for women. Our presentation will take place on Tuesday, September 26 at 1 pm at Beit Chabad on Simtat Chatam Sofer.

For information please contact

I have also included some pictures taken at recent programs in Israel.

With sincere wishes for a Gmar Chassima Tova!

May we soon see the Geula Shelemah!

With brachas from the Holy Land, 
Rabbi Yisroel Neuberger

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