06 September 2017

UPDATE IRMA: Projected Landing in Carolinas 9/11 [UPDATE on Wildfires/Smoke]

IRMA Update: September 5, 2017: 
NEW: HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE / Big storm gets stronger, larger and models are shifting!

IRMA Projected Landfall Carolinas 9/11

Wildfire smoke covers half of USA - 

Citizens struggle to breathe 

- Getting Bad

September 5, 2017: Large, overwhelming wildfire smoke is becoming more and more visible across the USA. These are very intense fires burning out west that need to be stopped. Firefighters out on the frontline and aerial support need more reinforcements right away to get this situation done and over with. They've done enough damage. [Smoke interfering will breathing and everyday life.]

Spectacular “Fireball–Sounded like Thunder" over Vancouver BC

September 5, 2017: "Fire in the Sky" / A spectacular fireball shook the ground rattling windows of homes last night over Vancouver BC.

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