12 September 2017

Baruch Hashem – Only in Israel

“I’ve noticed that in the new cities being built, there are no more traffic lights. Instead they have traffic circles, ma’agalei tenuah. I think its because young people live in new cities, and young people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they had to stop and think, so they took away traffic lights. This way you never have to stop moving ….”
Rav Elimelech Biderman
in a recent shiur

An American avreich who lives in the Sanhedria neighborhood came into the local shul, Mishkan Esther, expecting to join the regular minyan, and was surprised to find the tzibbur passionately reciting Tehillim. Worried about what might have occurred, he inquired of one of the locals why they were saying Tehillim.

The Israeli looked up. “Biglal sheyesh tsunami b'Texas,” he said. Then he paused reflectively and added, “Ani lo yodei’a mah zeh tsunami, u’mah zeh Texas (I don’t know what a tsunami is or what Texas is)  aval Yehudi b’tzarah (if a Jew is suffering) we say Tehillim.”

Source: Mishpacha Magazine, Issue 676

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