17 September 2017


*Supreme Court Wickedness

Students of political science worldwide are aghast last the obscenely excessive empowerment of the Israeli Supreme Court (“The Israeli Supreme Court and the Western Wall,” 16 Elul/September 7), which is unique to Israel, even among dictatorships.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller said that in the brachah of V’lamalshinim in Shmoneh Esrei where we daven for the quick end of corruption, he had in mind three things: the Israeli Supreme Court ….” (Rav Avigdor Miller: His Life and his Revolution, p. 462). “In the courts there is wickedness” (Koheles 3:16).

The heavy masonic symbolism of the strange internal and external architecture, paintings and depictions of the Supreme Court’s building in Yerushalayim is said to hint at its role as part of the vast ancient conspiracy known in the kabbalah as the klippas d”Tarmodai.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe actually identified this clip with the Masons in our generations. The covert Tarmodoyim – who are the masters of concealment – are more dangerous even than the overt Amalekim, Erev Rav and Erev  Ze’ir, and their goal is the demoralization, piecemeal weakening and gradual erasure of the Am Yisrael’s connection to Toras Yisrael and Eretz

Hashem yerachem!

* * *

Fight Taking Place Now in the Political Scene: 
The Battle to Eliminate the Evil in the Court System

Constitutional Revolution: Bennett, Shaked take on Supreme Court
Jewish Home ministers plan constitutional reforms to end Supreme Court activism and judicial supremacy, restore Knesset authority. ArutzSheva

'Constitutional law will restore faith in Supreme Court'
Education Minister Bennett says new proposal won't harm Supreme Court, slams Labor leader Gabbay for not reading plan's details. ArutzSheva

I’ll stop Bennett, Shaked ‘Counter-Revolution’ Against Courts:  Labor chairman Avi Gabbay promised on Saturday to do everything possible to prevent the passage of what Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked have called a “counter-revolution” to push back against decisions by the High Court of Justice. JPost.com

"Free Israel is at the forefront of a campaign smearing the religious establishment, both Haredi and Zionist of “Hadatta,” which is best translated as a religious conspiracy to force Israelis to embrace Judaism. Foreign Funds: New Report Shows Meretz, Foreign Funds, Behind ‘Religious Conspiracy’ Campaign. [Is this not the function of the “Tarmodoyim more dangerous than the Amalekim, Erev Rav and Erev  Ze’ir" as elucidated in the above article]

“Unacceptable in a Jewish State”:  [. . .] According to witnesses, the Shaliach was approached by two city inspectors demanding that he shut down his Tefillin stand. When he refused, he was fined for “creating a public obstacle.” The ticket said that the Chapad Chassid “was bothering passersby by asking them to put on Tefillin.”

**How Ironic. In Sderot, the gabby of a soul was fined for activating a Shabbos siren to make residents aware of candle-lighting time.  “The noise was heard from far away, and included Shabbos songs,” the outraged city inspector wrote in his report. “This noise caused a disturbance.”

How ironic that a city like Sderot, which lived for years with sirens warning of incoming rockets, now has the audacity to complain about sirens that welcome in the Shabbos [. . . .]

And while a tiny, but influential minority rails about any attempt to introduce Yiddishkeit in the secular public schools as “religious coercion,” they are rejected by the silent majority which is grateful for any opportunity to expose their children to their heritage, at whatever level.

It is hoped that the special atmosphere of the coming Yomim Tovim – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkos – will help awaken the pintele Yid in all the Jews of Israel.

* This is a Letter to Editor of Hamodia, from a resident of Tzfas, Israel.
** Also as read in the Shabbos edition of the Hamodia

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Anonymous said...

This is no surprise. How in the world did the government allow this to get to this point? They should have been immediately dissolved. Shows you that the medinah was set up by those wanting one thing and that is the eradication of Torah/Judaism. This war is not only against the Jewish people, but against G-D Almighty and we are His representatives. These Tarmodains or whatever are the same thing as Nimrod and his followers, Bilam and those secret sorcerers since time immemorial. In other words, the sitra achra. Their war is against the Creator!
Moshiach Tzdkeinu is needed pronto, because only H' and His servant, Moshiach, will undo the balagan of evil that is now on a worldwide scale.