10 July 2024

Rabbi Weissman – More straight talk about October 7

 The below is from Mordechai Sones.  My response follows, with additional material after that.

From Mordechai Sones:

The Israeli Left exists in order to lock in your allegiance to, and emotional dependence on, CIA agent Binyamin Netanyahu, so that you continue voting for him, even as he delivers you, your family, and your country into globalist totalitarian hell

It has been a smokescreen for the past forty years

Passing around links to news about "the situation" makes you a willing conduit for CIA disinformation. There is nothing that appears on a mainstream media site, including the "Jewish" news sites that seek to imitate them, that does not serve a psychological warfare function, even if it is only a vital omission

The United States forced Israel to stand down on Simchas Torah to justify the next phase of globalist intervention in the theater. This was obvious on the day of the attack.

If we were truly ehrlicher Yidden, we'd be burning our US passports and repudiating our American citizenship. And our Israeli citizenship, too, for that matter

We've been witnessing it. If the ultimate goal is to strip Israel of its "Jewish State" identity, which is incompatible with globalism, then Jews and friends of Israel must be conditioned to accept distortion in the form of raising "turning the other cheek" to the level of statecraft.

Every mainstream news article we share contributes to the CIA disinformation warfare juggernaut, and helps them to condition us. Truth is incompatible with post-modern pseudo-democracy. Every statement by a sitting politician is a lie, even if he happens to be accidentally or incidentally telling the truth. Maintaining power is the be-all-end-all.

Four global superpowers covet our land: the NATO powers, the Chinese, the Muslims, and the Russians. I understand there are internal struggles within each. We are seeing positioning to inherit globalist dominance. If you want to predict future phases, study the Gog uMagog prophecies.

I can do what we all can do, which is to truthfully report what I observe.

If asked for my single most important observation, it would be that Sefer Bamidbar's lesson is to use our common sense, look at the miracles that never stop for a day or else we wouldn't be here, and to ruthlessly reject any Yetzer-suggestions that would cause us to forget who we are.

Before COVID, perhaps, we had a more childish vision of the future Geulah. It was easy to see all the wicked Goliath nations against little righteous David Israel. COVID changed things for many.

Members of this group, at least, can see how things aren't so pat. The State of Israel itself is guilty of heinous crimes, and the accusers no longer need to rely on blood libel. The government of Israel has provided the accusers with ammunition, and it's no longer so easy to paint things black and white. If before we could hide behind our Israeli identity to face the world, now we seem to have lost that security blanket, thank G-d. Let us realize there is no Friend America, there is no IDF, there is nothing without G-d's protection.

We should be ashamed to let G-d catch us trusting anything else. When we achieve that mindset, we will have nothing to fear, ever.

You have a potent message of logic and life, they have inertia, political correctness, peer pressure, and herd mentality.

A little light dispels a lot of darkness.

My response:

My reply to the previous post:  Powerful comment!  I would suggest one revision.  The United States did not force Israel to stand down on October 7, as if Israel — whatever or whoever that even is — wanted to repel the attack and was held back.  

Whatever and whoever the Erev Rav corporate entity of Israel is actively collaborated on everything that went down, including dismissing warnings in the months, weeks, and days leading up to October 7, threatening and persecuting those who issued credible warnings, disarming the local communities, transferring many of the soldiers away from the border, ignoring calls for immediate help over many hours during the attacks — including from soldiers on bases that were ambushed, citizens under siege for many hours, and even the mayor of Ofakim.

They also moved the ill-fated music party into harm's way just in time for the attack.

The same people who were too “surprised” and “shocked” to send help weren't too surprised and shocked to institute a media blackout during the attacks.

Already on the morning of October 8 they had their operatives in the media hard at work declaring that any claims of treason were “conspiracy theories” and “fake news”.  Somehow they managed to investigate what really happened and definitively rule that out.

And they declared that “now is not the time to ask questions”, and floated a fascist law that would criminalize statements that could be construed as “hurting morale” in a time of war.

And somehow they managed to get the Bring Them Home Now propaganda campaign running immediately, with an utterly ridiculous cover story that families of the hostages were the ones who created this campaign, and they did so within 24 hours of the attack.

And they have endless truckloads of “aid” to send into Gaza, that everyone knows goes to Hamas, but Jews worldwide had to raise money to buy food, clothing, and basic supplies for IDF soldiers being sent into death traps.

And all these months later, their Hamas partners never seem to run low on weapons and ammunition, despite having no weapons manufacturing facilities and Gaza supposedly being blockaded by Israel.  Photos and videos show their military supplies often originate from the USA and Israel.  How is that happening?  What's really on those trucks, anyway?

And Hamas never runs out of tunnels and booby-trapped command centers, while our best people are maimed and killed on an endless mission to nowhere, with victory undefined.

And Israel releases scores of terrorists, claiming there's no room for them in prisons, while they have plenty of room for Jewish troublemakers who block the trucks, or build ramshackle homes on land the traitors want to give away to the Arabs.  Israel also claims there is a manpower shortage in the IDF, but they never run short of Gestapo thugs to beat up Jewish “settler terrorists”, especially children.  They have a particular joy in beating up children.

And Israel has no room in prisons for terrorists, but they have room for Amiram Ben-Uliel, who they brutally tortured for weeks until he gave a false confession to a crime everyone knows he didn't commit.  They don't have room for Ahmed, but for Amiram Ben-Uliel they have room.

And Israel is prosecuting heroic civilians who “executed” Hamas attackers on October 7.  Because slaves aren't supposed to take matters into their hands, no matter what.

And Israel refuses to place “May Hashem avenge their blood” on the tombstones of slain soldiers, because Jewish slaves who express desire for vengeance might one day decide they don't want to be slaves anymore.

The United States did not force the puppets who rule Israel to do any of this.  The puppets were installed precisely for this purpose. The puppets who joined the worldwide Mafia are not free to leave it, but they did not do any of this against their will.  They all sit at the same table and work together. They worked together before October 7, they worked together on October 7, and they continue to work together.

*   *   *
Since people's memories are short and clouded by daily propaganda from media they shouldn't be turning to, I'm reposting a video from 8 months ago that outlines many of the "coincidences" surrounding the October 7 narrative.  An English translation is in the description beneath the video.

The narrative never made any sense, and any reasonable person who isn't desperately clinging to comfortable fantasies should consider the narrative thoroughly debunked.  At this point, it's not about debating the finer points of the debunking.  It's about accepting reality and dealing with it accordingly.

What can you do to inform people?  Are you willing to spread information in your local community, outside your online echo chamber?

What can you do to counter the ubiquitous lies and propaganda?  Are you willing to take down war propaganda that is illegally posted to begin with?

What can you do to expose traitors?  Are you willing to confront them with hard questions on camera and share it?

What can you do to throw a monkey wrench in the plans of your enemies?  Are you willing to defy authority figures who are plotting evil, or are at least complicit?

Are you willing to be a leader instead of a follower?  Are you willing to set an example for others, and embolden others with your actions?

There are countless things you can do, real things in real life, not just in virtual land. What are you willing to do?

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'Conspiracy theories about treason are fake news and Iranian misinformation'

At 12:16 PM on October 8, while the fires were still burning and Jewish communities were still under siege, the deep state operatives at Arutz Sheva and the rest of the Mockingbird Media were already urging everyone that “conspiracy theories about treason are fake news”.  There aren't enough ropes for everyone who needs to hang

*   *   *

An unnamed group with seemingly endless resources and manpower has been littering Jerusalem public spaces with posters and stickers showing handsome young IDF soldiers who were killed in Gaza, with the slogan "Until victory!"  It's disgusting war propaganda, preying on the victims to manipulate people's emotions and get them to support sending more young men off to be maimed and killed.

Who would do something like that?

Who would have the money and manpower to pull it off?

And get away with all that illegal signposting, too?

I'm stumped.  

But I did what any concerned citizen would do.  I did my part to keep our city clean.

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