30 September 2020

Finally, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe Finally Said What Needed to be Said!

 What did the Vizhnitzer Rebbe tell the Prime Minister yesterday?

After concluding this morning's prayers, the Admor of Vizhnitz related some of the content of the discussion he held yesterday with the Prime Minister, as quoted by theBehadrey Haredim website.

"I told him that we have three essential things," the Admor said. 

"These are: 


 mikvas [ritual baths for purity], 

and schools

I told him that if he would ensure that Shabbat 

was observed in the State, 

and the status quo was maintained in the public sphere, 

I could promise him that 

the coronavirus epidemic would disappear."



moshe said...

Very true. But this is something being manipulated by evil people; but also the truth is that if we all keep the Shabbat (at least in the public square in Eretz Yisrael and show the world how Shabbat is so holy to us because it's His Rest Day, which He gave the Jewish people as a gift), then H' will surely work His Wonders and this virus maka would disappear in a blink.

Neshama said...

Moshe, this is getting very very serious. The jpost headline this am is shouting about a YEAR to exit the current lockdown. I get the feeling that the govt, the news outlets are complicit in a super plan to injure, to put it very mildly, the State of ISRAEL. As a practical issue this is extremely dangerous (aussies), but on a spiritual level it must happen. And I have been begging H’ to do just that.

The volcanos, earthquakes, floods, tornados, et al, will intensify. Perhaps H’ will send Nibiru in time to eliminate our world enemies? And how “our cousins’ will participate in this is still a question.

My blog doesn’t reach Israelis, but they must have their eyes opened to their danger. The Haredim will be guided by their rebbes, as they are guided by H’.

moshe said...

Of course, this is a global agenda and the media is complicit 100% with them, the same as Goebbels. They have a big foothold in the Land. May H' have rachamim. We pray H' shows us the same great miracles with plagues on our enemies and great wonders for the Bnai Yisrael.