26 May 2020

Speaking of Children . . .

They Want Your Children: State Preparing to "Isolate" Kids from Parents (see UPDATE below)

Listen to Christian’s Warnings:
States are broadcasting their intention--and preparing logistics – -to "isolate" children from their parents in the name of public health. Talking points from the WHO provide the cover narrative, but the politically-motivated use of Child Protective Services by Governor Kate Brown in Oregon against a salon owner who defied the lockdown ALREADY demonstrates that this is nothing but a method of squelching dissent -- and a dangerous one. Absolutely spread this message to all parents, particularly those in states/countries with leaders who are enabling the takeover of global technocratic collectivism.


The UN, WHO, CDC will not stop with their Agendas! This evil must be stopped.

UPDATE:  Here it the next atrocity:

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a statement recently that recommends separating newborn babies from their mothers in an effort to stem the spread of Covid-19.
The separation is intended for mothers who tested positive for coronavirus. However, the CDC also recommends separating them from mothers who are suspected to have coronavirus. In other words, the CDC is looking to separate newborn babies from their mothers even if they didn’t test positive for Covid-19. [The colostrum is the first stage of mother’s breast-feeding to the infant and creates and nurtures the infant’s “immune system” for protection. And they want to remove this from the baby and instead stick a needle full of HepB vaccine into the baby instead! weird is not the word for it. ]

From the CDC website:
“Although it is well recognized that the ideal setting for care of a healthy term newborn while in the hospital is within the mother’s room, temporary separation of the newborn from a mother with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 should be strongly considered to reduce the risk of transmission to the neonate.” 
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