12 May 2020

Rabbi Alon Anava – What to do on Lag Ba'Omer

What to do on Lag Ba’Omer – There is still time

What should we do on Lag Ba’Omer?

Light a candle for Rabbi Shimon Bar Yocahi
Read 17 chapters of Tehilim 90-106 (צ׳ – קו׳) you can find the Tehilim below in Hebrew and English
Read Patach Eliyahu Hanavi – Find the text below in Aramaic and English
If possible read the Zohar below from the Introduction to Tikunei Zohar – הקדמת תקוני הזהר
Give charity in Rabbi Shimon Bar Yocahi’s merit – Click here to give Charity
If you wish, submit a name to pray for – Click here to submit

Go to https://www.atzmut.org/lagbaomer/ for the prayers to be said


shoshana said...

wait a minute! didn't Mashiach come on pesach , like you promised?

Neshama said...

Did he? Did I miss that ‘promise’?
When did he say that?

moshe said...

to commenter Shoshana; No one 'promises' when Moshiach is coming because no one knows. How in the world did you come up with such an idea. We pray daily that he comes that day and every day but no one but H' knows. There are people who believe they know who he is because they know of some great tzadik and think that he might be the one, but NOBODY knows. We are now in the chevlai Moshiach times and he could come any day, but to 'promise' when is impossible. You might be thinking and praying for so you might have misinterpreted what you read or heard.