11 May 2020

Coronavirus Tyranny

Activist speaks out!

Police violently separate a non-violent father from children in Melbourne, Australia near a rally against the lockdown.

Australian mother arrested for protesting for freedom!

Aussie rally against medical tyranny


The orders permit medics to avoid using CPR to try to restart a patient's heart
Distraught mother of boy, 11, battling a rare cancer is asked to sign a Do Not Resuscitate order if he gets coronavirus - and the same is happening to dozens of other parents with vulnerable children across the UK GPs asked Ilhan Ates-Suddes's mother Margaret, from Scarborough, North Yorks. She branded being asked to fill out an order if he catches coronavirus inhumane. A 16-year-old boy from Essex was called by doctor surgery and asked to consent. dailymail

Autistic support group 'told it needed DNR orders’ bbc

NWO is brazenly showing its face of tyranny
Is there no human rights in Australia – This is against the law!


Devorah said...

No, that is not what is happening here.
Australia is not America
We are allowed out to exercise, to work, to shop, but there are guidelines as to how many people can be together in one place, and that demonstration was ridiculous and illegal, fact is we are coming out of lockdown on friday anyway, but trust me, Australia is nothing like America.
We are not being killed off in the masses, we have hardly any deaths here from Corona, half that of Israel's number even, and there is no global plan to kill us off or plant micro chips in us operating here.

Devorah said...

And masks here are not compulsory. Our rules are nothing like America's and we are all safe and well B"H.

Neshama said...

The videos speak for themselves. Australia is one of the 4 countries: Australia, New Zealand, UK, and The US being controlled by the WHO, CDC, and UN Agendas* for a “sustainable” future. There are very dangerous plans underway, unless someone intervenes to stop them. ‘‘This is common knowledge for many, but not for those in denial.

Neshama said...

Those countries are called: