20 May 2020

More About CIO2 Treatment

Guest Commenter to Updated Research on COVID19 [re chlorine dioxide (ClO2)]

Brazilian Ben Noach has left a new comment on your post "UPDATED Research on COVID–19":

Shalom! It is a shattering revelation for those who do not know MMS (ClO2). The entire community, again, the entire community that uses MMS already knew that it would cure this disease.

Trump belongs to the global power structure that is making this macabre and criminal transition ... If he were enlightened and kind, he would publicize MMS to cure the vast majority of the world's diseases. Study and use MMS and you will understand. Make no mistake, he supports A.Fauci, vaccines and the fascist pharmaceutical industry. He was infinitely better for the Jews than any other president, but make no mistake either. This is theater.

Something big and horrible is coming. Trump is not an enemy of Xi, Kim, Putin, etc. QAnon is beautiful, but fake. Understand Ivanka Trump's recent tweet response to Elon Musk (*N.Tesla) about the red pill and get the point (it's not just something between Republicans and Democrats, but something about the HaShem's matrix). C=3;O=6;R=9: 369*ona is the beginning of the final plan. They want their Geula: a new Golden Age.

I've heard the Trump-Cyrus analogy and even Trump-Moshiach. I think Jared-Armilus is a less ridiculous joke. There are some groups vying for leadership now to see who will lead after the event (the magnetic reversal of this kingdom), but they are together deceiving the people. Getting out of your bunkers after the event and meeting many confused and wild people on the surface is not smart.

First, take the money, take the freedom to come and go, knock them out with vaccines, invent a war between your peers, connect the 5G towers to deform red blood cells (remember the opening of the *London Olympics 2012 with those stretchers and children ...), turn cities into gulags, make people worry about lack of food and killer microbes. Let the population kill itself and kill those who survive it before the event.

Do you know when the magnetic inversion will occur? When the elite picks up children (healthy, over two years old until about twelve years old) in homes with the argument of keeping them alive, as they are the future. When this happens, in the midst of global chaos, it means that they know it will be imminent. These children will be kept in the bunkers. If you think of a private home when you hear the term bunker, you're wrong. Children eat less, drink less, defecate less, are physically more fragile, mentally more docile.

Your blood's adrenochrome is more powerful and your meats are tastier (Okay, we lacked an introduction on the beliefs and habits of our controllers. There is no conspiracy theory here. They are what they are and they are worse than beasts). Those children who survive, indoctrinated in a new society, will in fact be the future.

Of course, HaShem has news for this elite. HaShem knows and allows and that is all fair. Each deserves everything that will happen. I just wanted people not to be fooled by any of the world's leaders. They look different, but they all work for the sitra achra, everyone.

*London 2012 Olympics:
US gymnastics doctor at London 2012 Olympics pleads guilty to abusing athletes telegraph
Olympics 2012 spark rise in studies into abuse of child athletes the guardian (receiver of BG largesee)
Olympic Gymnast Jordyn Wieber Says She Was Also Abused by Team Doctor time


Neshama said...

Shalom Brazil, good to hear from you again. Should hear from you more often.

moshe said...

This is a must read post! I would hope all learned Torah Jews should understand much of this more than anyone else. This is definitely the sitra achra at work - their battle against the Almighty!