28 May 2020

“A *Shavuos Gift” ??

What an Insult! What hypocrisy?
The Health Ministry is no longer what it once was, “Israeli”,  it has become a branch of the ‘alphabet organizations that want to “control” the world.
Do you really think we are that naive?

While the beaches are overcrowded — no distancing or masks
While restaurants are busy — no masks while dining, sitting at a table opposite one another

Meanwhile, Yeshiva bochrim not allowed to sit at a table opposite one another
Meanwhile, Shuls are instructed to distance and wear masks while davening? [At least they are dressed properly, covering their body.]
The religious community is still being “chosen”

“Quarantine” is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
“Tyranny” is when you restrict the movement of healthy people

*The title of this post is from the following article:
“A Shavuos Gift” – Israel’s Health Ministry Allows Up To 70 People In Shul Or 100 In Two Rooms
YWN. In what Health Minister Yuli Edelstein called a gift for the chag, Israel’s Health Ministry announced on Tuesday night, among a larger rollback of restrictions, that shuls can hold minyanim with up to 70 participants as of Wednesday morning, an increase of 20 people over the 50 people allowed thus far.

Shuls can also house up to 100 mispallelim in two separate rooms within the same building.

The shuls must, of course, continue to adhere to health ministry regulations such as wearing masks and maintaining a distance of two meters between each mispallel.

While seated, an empty chair must be maintained between each mispalel. Mispallelim are required to bring their own siddurim and chumashim.

BTW the word “infected” sounds too anti–Semitic. How about, ‘has the virus’! That’s all it is, a (very contagious) virus.

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moshe said...

As far as the 'Israelis' joining the global agenda, the truth is they were always part of the globalists. These are erev rav who from the rebirth of the 'state' aligned themselves with them. Doubt if they would have allowed a 'Jewish state' in the Land of Israel without that agreement. Believe this is the reason H' allowed Moshe Rabbeinu to let them shlep along with the bnai Yisrael at yetziat Mitzrayim, so we could, as a nation, get back to EY at the end of days.