27 May 2020

Important Information You Should Be Aware of . . .

. . . below is a excerpted portion of an article, the subject of which is “contract tracing” and your device:

[. . .]  Relying on Bluetooth is problematic. A recently released study reported that Bluetooth “contains vulnerabilities enabling impersonation attacks during secure connection establishment.” The vulnerability is described as a Bluetooth impersonation (BIAS) attack, where devices are tricked into accepting a new connection that has copied the pairing signature of a previous one.

“Any standard-compliant Bluetooth device can be expected to be vulnerable,” . . . “All devices that we tested were vulnerable to the BIAS attack.”

Of more concern are less sophisticated socially engineering text messages and emails that warn you have been near an infected patient. These can provide links to install contact-tracing apps. These are designed to trick you into installing malware or giving up usernames and passwords.

The fear of infection can be used to coerce people into installing and running tracking software before entering commercial establishments or accessing government or health services.

And there is always the fear that your personal data can be accessed or even sold.

Source article at breaking news

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