26 May 2020

Dr Zelenko Continues to be Viciously Persecuted – Now he Speaks Out About it

. . . for protecting the lives of Kiryas Joel and the World
(the very evil Erev Rav)

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko explains what certain individuals in Kiryas Joel leadership to social Media

Commenters in Support:

This is indeed outrageous and absolutely terrible. Ur community mirrors what is going on in many parts of the world, ‘demonization of HCQ combination’ which is the ‘virus of evil, lies, vengeance and greed’. Obviously Jews are not immune to this latter ‘virus’ either. I know u do not mainly care about living but mainly only about truth and saving lives. Staying where u are is deadly for U, financially bc they will continue to call the State on u and smear ur name around. Nobody can handle such stress in the long run w/o getting sick and u are struggling already with an illness. The only and right option seems to be to leave and forget about this place. Be grateful that u have many offers, choose the one that is best for u and ur family...

So sorry to hear this. Dr. Zelenko is the real deal: he has the integrity and ability to solve this coronavirus crisis. His sight should be on this higher calling and hate to see him being distracted by this side issue at the local level. Of course, there are forces aligned with Big Pharma and against Trump who want to see him fail. We are well-aware of that. But he shall overcome all this.

I am so sorry to hear about this situation. During the Sefiras Haomer of all times😢 Hashem help us . Please ribono shel Olam help us all.

Dear Dr Zelenko, do not stop your wonderful work to heal the world ; you’re just experiencing the way the sitra achra systematically attacks the side of the Keddusha. Ultimately they will fall and you will rise with Gods’ help

I've been following his videos since March and the zinc-inclusion data (proving efficacy) from subsequent studies (his early common sense to his medical training and listened to his intuition) -- is finally backing up De. Zelenko- who has been very practical and proactive in treating the virus and he has saved countless lives and his research has better results than Fauci's so-called Remdesivir efficacy. It's a shame he is under attack by others who are jealous of his attention. It's a shame the studies that were designed that showed no benefit excluded his recommendations - like the one at the veterans hospital.

This is very upsetting. Dr. Zelenko, may HaShem bless you with the strength to continue your work.

Dr Zelenko you are a upstanding man and by the will of the almighty you will overcome such people and problems, the almighty saved you before because he knows best. Bless you and your family

He's a tzadik, righteous Jewish man. It's Jewish people like him that inspired me to keep the seven laws of Noah and leave idolatry. May The Holy One of Israel, protect and empower this kohen to introduce this medication to the world. The Jewish people are the kohenim of the nations and this man is being used by Hashem, to bring healing to the nations. May Hashem protect this man and empower him.

Be strong and have courage and peace. Your great help and desire to help humanity is much appreciated and In the end the truth must win. You have the support of many.

I'm very sorry Doctor Zelenko! This Man, or his Organization! Are the same EVIL FORCES! ...who are ATTACKING REAL Doctors! ...such as yourself!

HaShem has shined a light onto you and your medical expertise in order to save countless lives in the future. It is very unfortunate for the over 1000 lives already lost. One could deem the evil actions against you as causing those deaths. It is so sad that evil can come from within, but the Torah warns us about this. The Erev Rav are still among us. May Hashem Bless you and your family and KEEP you in health and prosperity. Amen

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