18 May 2020

Australia: Child Ripped from her Mother’s Arms for Protesting Against Lock-Down

Human Rights Organisations where are you?

Peace loving Australia Police arrest a woman who happened to be singularly protesting the lockdown of healthy Australians who want to rejoin the living and go to work.

"A woman in Sydney who was peacefully protesting against closure orders was arrested for violating those very orders.” This one woman with a baby in her arms, wearing a sign, was such a threat that several officers had to rip her baby out of her arms to push her into a van to take this “dangerous” woman to be arrested for protesting?

One witness wrote: Exercising My Rights held a peaceful walk around Parliament house today and what unfolded afterwards was unlawful and utterly disgusting to witness. A mother holding her child was forcibly arrested and dragged into the back of the police van whilst the police refused to tell us why she got arrested after being asked multiple times. When is this ever ok? Is this what happens when you question the narrative?

This is not Covid-19 related:

“Quarantine” is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
“Tyranny” is when you restrict the movement of healthy people

Some governments and some governors are lying to the people (because they want to implement extreme monitoring agenda)

Coronavirus: Hundreds protest Victorian lockdowns restrictions | Nine News Australia

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