22 May 2020

In Honor of Our Holy Yom Yerushalayim

The Original Yerushalayim

Happy Jerusalem day!

In June 1967, the Jewish People realized a dream that was in our hearts from the moment we were expelled from our beloved holy city and Temple by the Romans two thousand years ago.

Jerusalem has never for one moment left the thoughts and prayers of Jews in every nook and cranny of the far-flung and bitter exiles.
From the mountains of Ethiopia to the ghettos of Christain and Muslim tormentors; from the dungeons of the Inquisition to the sword of the Cossacks. From the final demonic frenzy to break the Jewish spirit in the death factories, the image of the return one day gave them the strength to endure.

We are living their dream come true!

We celebrate the once in a history honor to live their dream of two thousand years. Their spirit made certain that there are Jewish people today and we are obliged to thank them for holding on through all their unspeakable challenges.

The One who makes miracles decided it was time. Why are we are the chosen generation?
I don't think we are better than our forefathers. Perhaps God has a time table that follows hIs logic.

The question is, do we appreciate it?

When our Temple Mount was liberated, the ecstatic brave soldiers flew a homemade flag over the golden dome that sat on our holiest site since the Muslim conquest and occupation.
The shocked Muslim authorities handed the keys to our brave men and the holiest Mount was ours again after two thousand years!

It flew proudly - for four hours.

That is when the Defence minister Moshe Dayan ordered it to be taken down.
He said it was unwise to humiliate the defeated Arabs .
I suppose he thought they would respond in a positive manner, say for example to not deny that we ever had a Temple there.

He and many of his generation in the elite ruling class took pride in denying God and His role in history. It was all about the new super Sabra generation that replaced God. Being sensitive to our enemies' feelings was the wisdom of the man-made gods.

In Hebron he also ordered the flag down from the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a place that the Muslims turned into a mosque and banned Jews for the last thousand years.

Dayan knew how to turn enemies into friends.
The awestruck Arabs who just the day before were calling for Jewish blood wanted only to be allowed to flee for their lives!
That would mean no murdering Arabs in our land. No "Palestinian" Terror Authority. No Hamas. No security walls. No tunnels No fleeing from stones...
Dayan knew better. He actually turned them back from fleeing over the Jordan River and sent them back to our heartland.
He was sure that would appease them and win us appreciation all over the world.

God did His best.
Even miracles must be acted upon. The best car in the world must have someone willing to turn the ignition key for it to perform.

I try to imagine the collective joy and amazement of generations of dreamers as their spirits accompany our soldiers fighting through the lanes of Jerusalem as they reach the place of their dreams and then... Moshe Dayan and his self congratulating blasphemous illusions appear.

We were taken off guard by the miracle of 1967 and did not respond with the gratitude that should be expected.

Are we ready to respond differently when the next miracle comes our way?

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