08 January 2019

Israel’s Mis-Judgment on China

Trump WH Riding Israel Hard on Chinese Hi Tech Investments
This is what I wrote about; the mis-judgment of Israel vis-a-vis China
See China in Israel

American concern about the tightening of trade and technology ties between China and Israel is at the center of the talks this week between President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, and Israeli officials, Haaretz reported Monday. According to Bolton’s senior staff, the talks are both about the general penetration of Chinese technologies into Israel and specifically regarding Huawei and ZTE, which Trump is considering banning in the US, and which Japan, Australia and New Zealand have already blocked because of concerns over its links to the Chinese government.

Kan, Israel’s Public Broadcasting Corporation, reported this week the US is unhappy about increased Chinese influence at the expanded Haifa port, which is being built by Israeli and Chinese companies, and starting in 2021 will be operated by Shanghai International Port Group.

Israel has been warned by US officials that China’s role in running the Haifa port and other Israeli infrastructure would make it difficult to continue Israel’s cooperation with the US Navy.

“They just blew up at us,” senior Israeli officials said last November about a meeting with US officials about the increased Chinese involvement in large-scale infrastructure projects in Israel. By “just blew up,” Israeli officials meant the Americans issued an ultimatum:

“Decide on your priorities about trade with China, or we will.”

Source: jewishpress.com

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