16 January 2019

'The only evidence against the minor is dubious'

Aggressive hounding of Jewish Teens to Find Evidence for any Conviction of Terror is Only to Appease the Arabs, not True Justice  
But A 'Political Endeavor
There have been Recently many “Stoning Incidents/Deaths of Jews” by Palestinians. And this is Comparable to the Arson of Arab-Feuding of Families in the Dumah Case.
Who Says That it Was Not an Arab who Threw That Stone!
Constant Loss of Jewish Lives due to Palestinian Stone-Throwing and Car Ramming has Reached a Breaking Point

Attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu legal organization confirmed a statement was filed." "We asked several questions during the hearing, and we still believe that whoever signed the prosecutor's statement, and whoever would be required to sign an indictment, did and would do so with a trembling hand."

He said that the hand of the one who would sign an indictment against the youth should tremble, "because as far as we understand the only evidence linking our client [to the murder of Rabi] is dubious. It is doubtful whether such an indictment should be filed under these circumstances."

"I very much hope that there are no extraneous considerations that accompany the judicial system in such a serious case, and I hope that whoever is charged with making these decisions will make the right decisions by Sunday," Kedar said.

"I think that after the past months the prosecution and the Shin Bet have suffered very harsh criticisms in the form of disqualification of confessions and all kinds of dubious maneuvers presented in the media. There is a fear that there is always a desire to prove [that overrides any presumption of innocence].

"It is not certain that [the Shin Bet can] declare and cry out, 'We have failed.' I suggest again that those who need to consider the consequences should consider again whether they are certain that this is the right thing to do in this case," emphasized Kedar

Attorney Amir Bracha added that he believes that the prosecution will seek to indict the minor on a lesser charge because of the weakness of the evidence.

Article source: arutzsheva
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Anonymous said...

Why don't they go after "real terrorists" with the zealousness that they go after G-D fearing Jewish youth? Who would have ever thought that a time would come when their hatred for the religious is greater than for the enemy in our own Land?!