23 January 2019


HDG: Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah

H's sense of humor is coming to the fore once again. Do you realize the elections come on the Tuesday between parashiot Tazria and Metzora??? ;-)

Thanks for the comment HDG. Ok, so elaborate on that for our readers!

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah

Neshama asked me to explain my remark above. Well, parashiot Tazria and Metzora are about the metzora, a person who has a disease similar to, but NOT leprosy - it is often translated this way in English. In fact, it is a spiritual disease that occurs only in Israel, brought on by lashon hara (evil speech), that hasn't occurred in this exile. Only a kohen can diagnose it. The person with this disease is usually on a very high spiritual level. You can see more about tzaraat, and its relationship to Mashiah, here.

And this is when we're having our elections!!! Between these two parshiot, davka!

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah

The funny thing is, that tzaraat, of all things, surrounds our elections, which are full of lashon hara! Also, the references to Mashiah having it as well.
Sources from the About Moshiach site: Tzaraat is a punishment for negative speech - Talmud, Arachin 15b
Hefty Criteria for Tzaraat - Likutei Torah 22b
The Torah enables purification of Metzora - Etz Hayim, Shaar Rachel and Leah, Ch.7

Well I went to “About Moshiach”.  Interesting reading. Sources are: Moshiach is a Metzora - Talmud, Sanhedrin 98a and 98b, Rashi. Concept of Tzaraat applying to the world at large - Sefer Hasichot 5751 Tzaria/Metzora Pt.2 p498

I wonder, based on the hysterical actual opposition and (overt) assassination attempts, could DJ Trump be a METZORA
? (no, not משיח.) While I do not believe lashon hara applies to him, and he does not reside in Eretz Yisrael, he IS fighting against evil in the world and wants to right many wrongs of history. This is a gargantuan endeavor.

In fact, there might have been as many as 17 attempts (don’t quote me). Read this FICTIONAL STORY: YellowSubmarine, and remember it is FICTION In any event, you HDG may have touched upon an important episode in the ongoing process of Geula.



HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I will not comment on DJT. Actually, I'm not sure a non-Jew, even with Jewish grandchildren, can get tzaraat. Maybe a zera' Yisrael (the closest thing to being "part Jewish" we get; the person so designated has Jewish blood but doesn't belong to the nation unless s/he converts) can, but I haven't studied that issue, so I can't comment on it.

Thank you for starting this conversation, and letting me be a part of it! We are living in great times now!

Anonymous said...

In the audio recording in the link below some guy who says that he heard from his mother that heard from the Rabbanit that someone asked Rav Kanievsky some question that the speaker does not understand exactly about passport maybe and that Rav Kanievsky replied: "you should not leave israel because moshiach is already here" and R Kanievsky repeated three times: He (moshiach) is already here!

Nothing is said about moshiach will be here before the elections. That may have been invented by someone or misunderstood!

Here is the link with the recording in Hebrew:



moshiachnow said...

DJT does not appreciate that Eretz Yisroel was given by Hashem to the Jewish people. His plans for Eretz Yisroel are a disaster. Thank G-d, he is having trouble with the wall and the government shutdown so he doesn't turn his attention on Eretz Yisroel.

Neshama said...

Thank you for the comments. Some were in the SPAM folder, but I do not know why.
Moshiachnow, I’m not sure about that. I heard that he actually was learning from our texts.