22 January 2019

FOLLOW-UP to Mashiach Yavo – The Recording in English

This is a follow-up to Mashiach Yavo

Thanks to Anonymous, we have a somewhat translation of the recording that was on the video:

Rav Glazerson:

"There are some interesting things we heard from Harav Yekutiel Fish, sod hachasmal, ... joyous tidings, an American citizen spoke with Rav Kanievsky about whether he should take out Israeli citizenship so that he will be able to vote in the upcoming elections. Rav Kanievski said to him, it's unnecessary, Moshiach will come before then. Very joyous news.

Let's hear what was said:"

there is a recording, I think from a radio show,
"the person says he heard the story from Rav ... didn't catch the name, who heard the story from the Rabbanit Kolodetsky" (the daughter of the Rav Kanievski))

"... and that he said that the story should be widely publicized, about two weeks ago, just before shabbat, someone was hosted in the house of Sar HaTorah, ...(here he is basically repeating the story of what the rav said that Moshiach will come before the elections.)

"He (the guest) didn't quite understand the answer, so he asked one of the rav's grandchildren to ask the rav again, and the answer was "I already told him that Moshiach will come before then, so there's no need. The Jew who told me the story ... the Rav said that the hareidi community must unite, not because of the elections, but to be prepared for the coming of Moshiach."

That's it more or less. Be"D Tsadik koveya Hashem mekayem, a Tsadik decrees and Hashem performs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a somewhat translation :), but I think the essential point is clear, Be"D Moshiach will reveal himself in less than three months.

So those of us who have been chosen to have a geula consciousness must prepare ourselves and pray that the geula shleima will come berahamim for all of am yisrael. Negative prophecies do not have to be fulfilled. Moshe Rabbeinu refused to give up on Bnei Yisrael even when Hashem told him he would destroy us and give him a new people to lead. So too we should try to emulate his example and stubbornly insist to Hashem to redeem all of am yisrael, Be'D shekulanu nizkeh lachazor betshuva shleima. Just the fact that we are here, frum Yidden, with geula consciousness, is a huge chesed from Hashem. And just as we aske for chesed and rahamim for ourselves with all of our challenges so too we should ask for am yisrael.

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Unknown said...

B'H....May it be so.