06 January 2019

UPDATE / UPDATE – Being Merciful to Terrorists Brings Terror to the Merciful

UPDATE: The S”B has supported its claims of preventing terror attacks in a JPost article. Very nice of them. However, treatment of the boys should follow a legal and moral pathway that leads immediately to legal representation and then to a court trial. Not after any type of  secluded “encouragement” to confess, written excuses of S”B "procedures,” along with social media diatribes of “suspects” (until proven guilty by trial). Their track record speaks for itself. S”B must allow a reasonable arrest and a reasonable trial, all to determine who, what, when, where, guilt, then a reasonable punishment. S”B should not be given the authority to “judge” innocence or otherwise, or to “prod” confessions (under their law).

"I call from the bottom of my heart on the prime minister to order the release of these boys, three boys held by the Shin Bet," leading Rabbi Haim Druckman said.

Hundreds protested outside the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem on Saturday over the continuing detention of suspects in the Jewish terrorism case, which is being investigated by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

“If there is any problem, it should be investigated as anyone is in the State of Israel, but under no circumstances in the basement of the Shin Bet,” Druckman added. “They are not terrorists. I am worried about the proper and just conduct of the State of Israel.” JPost

People protest outside the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, in support of the Jewish youth suspect in a major security probe whose details are under gag order, January 5, 2019 (Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90)
ABUSE OF MINORS – The Arrested Youths Experienced Trauma 

Attorneys visit Jewish youths after a week during which they were interrogated by the Shin Bet under harsh conditions.

Attorneys Adi Kedar, Nati Rom of the Honenu legal organization and Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir left Saturday night for a visit to the detained youths after a week in which the youths were interrogated by the Shin Bet under harsh interrogation conditions, while being denied the right to meet with an attorney.

After leaving, the lawyers said, "As we have argued from the beginning, our clients are not connected at all to the affair, they have no connection and the Shin Bet has no evidence linking them to the act.”

"The unusual order that prevented us from meeting the minors was due to improper considerations, whose sole purpose was to get a false confession from the interrogees, a move which failed. The boys clearly denied any connection to the act. And, unfortunately, they were also interrogated on Shabbat,” the three said.

"Our clients have had difficult days, and conduct is extremely improper on the part of Shin Bet interrogators. An interrogation that will leave them with trauma for the rest of their lives by no fault of their own. At this moment, two additional minors are still barred from meeting with an attorney, something which should cause every citizen of Israel to worry."

Today, Sunday, the lawyers will hold a press conference at the Magistrate's Court in Rishon Letzion at 3:00 pm in which they will describe what the boys have been through. arutzsheva

Outrageous:  Everyone should know about this and pressure the government Knesset Ministers.
Arrest of the youths:
'Why doesn't government intervene?'
Attorney summarizes meeting with suspected Jewish youths: Primarily psychological pressure exerted against the law."We met traumatized youths," said attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, one of the lawyers of the arrested Jewish youths, after the meeting last night between the youths and their lawyers.

"We cannot elaborate on the details at this stage," Ben-Gvir told Arutz Sheva, explaining that "on the one hand, they did not stretch their limbs or do what was done in Duma," but “They went beyond the limits. They created serious trauma for the youths.”

"My client was silent and did not give a false confession, but he underwent a complicated interrogation with tricks that are forbidden in the State of Israel," Ben-Gvir said. "My problem is not with the Shin Bet, at whom I am angry because they hurt themselves and violate the law. My problem is with the Israeli government. Where is the prime minister? Where is the minister of public security? Why don’t they slam on the table and tell them that these things are forbidden?"

Ben-Gvir emphasized that while the interrogated youths were also subjected to physical pressure, the focus was on psychological pressure. "The feeling is that what happened was what will be. We never heard that they tried a single one of the Shin Bet interrogators in the Duma episode. There is indeed public outrage and there are statements by rabbis, and we saw the methods on the 'Uvda' program, but it is hard to understand how such a thing happens in a democratic country."

On the question of whether preventing a meeting with lawyers is acceptable in cases where terrorism is involved, Attorney Ben-Gvir said that it is unacceptable and recalled an attack in which two Arab youths stabbed passersby in Pisgat Ze'ev, Jerusalem. "That afternoon I see them in the courthouse corridor with a lawyer. How could this be? It turns out that not even arch-terrorists are deprived of what these youths were deprived of," Ben-Gvir said, emphasizing that in his eyes there is no such thing as “Jewish terror.”

"I do not accept the equation between Arab terror and Jewish terror. There is no Jewish terror." According to him, the prevention of a meeting with lawyers is supposed to be an unusual step in the most exceptional circumstances, but in the eyes of the Shin Bet, the move has become a norm and a regular procedure when dealing with Jewish suspects.arutzsheva



This is one more in a series of terror attacks in the West Bank in the last weeks. "We warn that many drivers are considering stopping driving buses following recent events. Our blood is not free," Israel Ganon, the chairman of the bus drivers’ organization in Israel, said before the strike was announced.

"For months we have been warning about attempts to harm bus drivers in Judea and Samaria. We are strengthening the security forces in their attempts to find the terrorists.” JPost


Anonymous said...

Every true rabbi in the country should join with Rabbi Druckman in this protest. There is something very strange and deranged by the actions of a govt allowing such brutal behavior. These G-D fearing youths should never be called 'terrorists'. They love the Land more than any of those abusing them; that's for sure. It minimizes the true meaning of terrorism. What's up? Would even the founders of the State ever have believed that such evil to our own people would one day be found in the Jewish Land? Coddling the enemies and brutalizing the Jews in their Homeland should be inconceivable to any Jewish neshama.

Neshama said...

Your statement, "It minimizes the true meaning of terrorism” is the main point here. Relativism crushes true analyses. It is a weapon of the Leftist ideology and NWO tactics.