09 January 2019

NIBIRU – Planet X – Got UMagog – Mashiach – World Upheaval

Please take this to Heart; we do not know Exactly when the World Upheaval will Begin.

In accordance with the final message in this video, it is hereby presented for the Jews of the world to take it to heart and start your move to Eretz Yisrael. Please forward this video to the Jews you know. I’ve listened to the entire video and the most important part is near the last one third of the video, especially the very ending. 

The video may shock you, or maybe you have heard some of this already, but listen to the end and by then you may feel and think differently.

Sign up with Nefesh B'Nefesh to receive the important information and data that you should know and important legal documents to bring with. Bring as much money on your person as you are allowed; sign up for an international bank card, so you can withdraw funds in Israel from your former country for support. Understand that at some point this may not be possible. 

So begin by renting a small apartment and live frugally, depositing USD into an Israel Bank and put into an NIS account. Bring what you can afford to bring; much of what you think you may need might not be needed. 

Plan for a frugal camping-out type of lifestyle in order to humble yourselves and increase your survivability. Forget all the influences of gashmiut, its only a trap. One can live very well in our beautiful Eretz Yisrael without accumulating “things” and living “stylishly”. Not at all necessary. It is better to have your life than your “things.” Believe me, if you understand what I write, life will be wonderful here.

There is no way that Hashem, in my humble opinion, can allow to continue what has happened to our earth. There must be a purification, and it may involve the entire earth. Eretz Yisrael is the safest place to be.


Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that you posted this. The question is 1. how to get the message out and 2. how to get Jews to take this seriously and for them to understand the urgency, not to panic, but to plan to make aliya in the near future, not in six months or next year.

This needs people who are active on social media and also door-to-door "canvassing" to reach Jews who don't use it. There must also be special assistance from Jewish organisations or the Israeli government to help the vulnerable in our nation, the elderly, the sick, the incarcerated (they can be transferred to Israeli prisons), and anyone else who needs special assistance. Birthright SOS if you like.

Rachel said...

I have an elderly mother with dementia, taken care of primarily by an OTD sister who isn't going anywhere... 2 elderly in-laws who can hardly walk, a husband who is partially visually impaired from a brain bleed several years ago, assorted underage children and married children with and without babies, all of whom will follow our local orthodox gedolim such as the descendents of Rav Moshe Feinstein, who all say we are not obligated to move as long as our yiddishkeit is strong. We are not rich, not by a longshot, and live hand to mouth, so we are not afraid of giving up luxuries we don't have. But to get large families emotionally on board with this, especially including the elderly and ailing, is just not as easy as everyone fortunate enough to be there makes it sound. We have to have a way to live, and not to make our elderly parents more uncomfortable than they already are. They may not even survive the flight. I am scared. I want to be in Israel. But that will only happen if I abandon those I love and whom are counting on me. I am a mother and wife and daughter and daughter-in-law first, and I will go down with this ship before I abandon anyone. So instead of scaring us all to death, do something to help us. Daven for us. Only Hashem can get us out of here. There is absolutely nothing that Nefesh B'Nefesh or any human can do for us at this point. It is all up to Him. I am tired of hearing that the sky is falling. Hashem must have a way to get the righteous and those who are trying to be, out of harm's way, with dignity.

Neshama said...

Dear Rachel, you are already full of EMUNA, which is critical in these days and these times. It seems that Hashem has put you in control of your situation and you are doing what HE wants from you. Do not fear, trust in Hashem.

This information is for those who are wavering, who are able to get up and move, and who should get up and move.

Hashem can save those who are attached to HIM, and if not it is because it is a tikkun and cleansing in order to enter the World to Come.

So, Rachel, my heart goes out to you. I understand where you are coming from; I also had to wait until my Mother a”h was taken (care of) by Hashem. Then, I was able to move. Continue to do “your best efforts” to guide your family in the right direction.

Thank you for commenting, as there must be others in a similar situation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,

This is precisely my point, that there needs to be special assistance for people like yourself, who are truly unable to pick up and go. Maybe not as individuals, but as a nation we are rich, both the state of israel and individuals who are billionaires, and together can afford to assist Jews in vulnerable situations. This needs to happen on a governmental/organisational/the super-rich level.There is land in Israel crying out to be redeemed by Jews from Arabs, and an organisation that facilitates it. My idea is for some rich person to buy the land, and set up "aliya villages", even if everything is just caravans/caravillas at the beginning. This will also need government support to set up the basic infrastructure, water and electricity and roads, and accelerate the bureaucracy.

I daven every day for the geula shleima berahamim for all of am yisrael. I wish I could help you personally but I don't know how. In the meantime, it wouldn't be a bad idea to stock up on some essentials, food, water, a primus stove, emergency lighting, non-edibles, etc, and to have an emergency bag for every family member, with passport, cash, food water, sidur, tehillim etc etc, that you keep in an accessible place.

I'll just add this, that if Yetziat Mitzraim is the blueprint for all future redemptions, the Jews who weren't saved were the ones who refused to leave. So Be"D when the time comes your strong desire to be in Eretz Yisrael will stand you in good stead.