02 January 2019

2019–5779 – President Trump’s Twitter Page


Because it is part of the world situation vis-a-vis the Geulah. Strange but I believe very important.
President Trump is overtly and covertly fighting the evil demented leftist socialist agenda of destruction. There is so much involved and I do not want to include it in my blog. One can read President Trump's Twitter comments at Donald J Trump Twitter. There is also a truthful source that monitors and discloses President Trump’s endeavors and accomplishments, known as “Qanon”. One person who deciphers this is “JustInformed Talk”. He makes videos to update the information from “Q” and President Trump.

When you listen to this video, and one should, it is important to have in mind:

GMO Foods
Chemtrail Spraying (https://youtu.be/58jtTLmPSu4)
Poisoning of Growing Crops
Infected Foods
Smart Dust NanoTechBots (google these words)

Mind Control (https://youtu.be/5-ZNiFnjFv8)
Social Media Control (Deliberate Fake News)
Social Media Eavesdropping and Recording
Disappearing Journalists, Doctors, Reporters, et al.
Weather Engineering (https://youtu.be/UoodDRgrVbU)
5G Electronic Engineering (https://youtu.be/A_aL9diVP-U)
Quantum Computing (TED)
World Domination (NWO)
Cashless Society
Stock Market Crash and Control and Crash

MICROSCOPIC Glowing Nano Fibers In Chicken Nuggets and
Nano Particulates that Fell From the Sky (chemtrail geoengineering)

"I tried an experiment with a McDonald’s chicken nugget. I found glowing blue nano fibers inside the nugget. Then I noticed small clumps of webbing on our lawn. So I tried taking a closer look under the microscope as well. Only I found something I did not expect to find. I did not see any glowing nano fibers in that webbing. However, what I did find, was not identifiable, at least not to me. The tiny microscopic cells I found, appeared to be red blood cells. Not having the proper equipment, I cannot say for certain what they were.”

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