20 July 2017

Parshas Maatos–Maasei . . . ON THE PLAINS OF MOAV

By Roy S. Neuberger

As I have mentioned on previous occasions, my favorite road in the world is the “Tishim,” Route 90, which runs the entire length of Israel, some 300 miles from Eilat in the south to Metulla in the north. From the Tishim today, just east of Yericho, one can look across the YardenRiver to Arvei Moav, the Plains of Moav. With my mind’s eye, I see Moshe Rabbeinu and Bnai Yisroel encamped there, about to cross over into the Promised Land. 

view of plains of Moav

This Shabbos we conclude Sefer Bamidbar with the words, “These are the commandments and the ordinances that Hashem commanded through Moshe to the Children of Israel in the Plains of Moav at the Yarden by Yericho. (Bamidbar 36:13) 

“Chazak! Chazak! V’nis’chazaik!”  This is history! This is reality! This is today!

Yes, my friends: “ma’ase avos siman l’bonim.” It is about to happen again. With Hashem’s blessing, we have survived millennia in the Midbar of history. Now, once again, the Nation is poised, about to cross over into the Promised Land, but this time it will be forever, everything according to the Word of Hashem, Who desires to “prolong [our] days … upon the Land … like the days of the heaven over the earth.” (Dvarim 11:21)

I know it seems impossible, but it also seemed impossible then. “[The prophets told you that by remaining faithful you would] withhold your foot from [exile] and your throat from thirst, but you said, ‘I do not care!’” (This week’s Haftara;Yirmiah 2:25) Coming off the many rebellions related in Sefer Bamidbar, how can we expect that Hashem will have rachmonis and allow us to enter the Holy Land in unity and strength, filled with kedusha?

Yet we knew then and we know now that Hashem will never forsake us. We know now because – through the lens of history – we see an amazing fact: we still exist! Despite all our faults and rebellions, Am Yisroel still exists as the People of the Torah! We still exist as that distinct nation which survives only through the ceaseless miracles by which Hashem preserves us amidst universal hostility which would have destroyed any other nation countless times over. 

On a recent Shabbos, I was crossing a large road on my way to shul. A passing motorist starting honking at me and other Jews along the roadway. It was clear that he would have loved to stop and assault all of us, chas v’Shalom. Do you know what I thought to myself? It was the Shabbos of Parshas Balak, and I thought to say to him: “My hateful friend, it will do you no good! All your hatred cannot touch us! Yes, there have been terrible afflictions throughout the ages, but you cannot destroy Am Yisroel! If Bilaam could not destroy us, if we are still here after every pogrom since the beginning of history, then your hatred cannot touch us! Hashem will never relinquish His promise to bring Am Yisroel home at the end of history!”

My friends, Arvei Moav are next to Yam Hamelach, the lowest point on earth. Do you know what that means? We rise from the lowest to the highest! In Biblical times we marched from mem-tes sha’are tumah to Har Sinai, and in our own times we will march from the depths of Golus to Har Habayis

This week we initiate Chodesh Av. “Av” means “father.” In the midst of all our nisyonos, we have to remember that Hashem is our loving Father, Who wants nothing more than to rejoice with His Children at the Rebuilt Yerushalaim! Yes, He is Malkeinu, but He is also Avinu!

There is a certain project I have been working on for years. It has been extremely difficult. Getting my books published was difficult, but nothing like this! After years of effort, I am still not there. So I say to myself, “Now I understand why it took the Children of Israel forty years to cross a Midbar that is literally a ten-day journey!” What the Torah describes is not hyperbole; it is reality! We read about every stop in this week’s Parsha! This is life! A “ten-day” journey takes forty years. But we get there! 

One of the six brachos we say in every Shemoneh Esreh, whether it is Shabbos or Yom Tov or a weekday, is “Retzai,” regarding the restoration of the Avoda in the Bais Hamikdosh. On Shabbos we do not make specific requests, so why do we say this bracha? Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l supplies the answer: “The meaning of ‘Retzai’ is completely different than that of the brachos we offered up to this point in the (weekday) Shemoneh Esreh. In Retzai, we ask nothing for ourselves. Rather we ask that through the return of the avodah … the purpose of Creation shall be realized when the Shechina will permeate the world and Malchus Shomayim shall be recognized by all of mankind.” (Rav Schwab on Prayer)

“We ask nothing for ourselves.” My friends, when we desire the rebuilt Bais Hamikdosh we are asking for Hashem’s “return from Golus,” and of course we will accompany Him. “Not for our sake, Hashem, not for our sake but for Your Name’s sake give glory!” (Tehillim 115)

Do you think Golus will last? Do you think the current culture has a future? The world we see around us today is as fleeting as the weekdays seem when we sing “L’cha Dodi.” 

“All those who mourn for Yerushalayim will see her joy” (Taanis 30b) We are about to see the return of the Shechina to Yerushalayim. Today’s world is transient, but Yerushalayim is eternal! “V’sechezena …. May our eyes behold Your return to Tzion in compassion. Blessed are You, Hashem, Who restores His Shechina to Tzion!”

“May You raise up those who stand by You forever!” (Selichos, Seventeenth of Tammuz)


View eastward toward the Plains of Moav from a vantage point slightly to the south of Yericho. In the foreground is the northern tip of Yam Hamelach.

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Why are you afraid?

Major General Yaakov Amidror, former head of Israel’s National Security Council, said at a Monday press conference that at some point Israel will have to destroy all Iranian infrastructures in Syria. He stated that Israel's interests must be taken into account by the Russians and the Americans when considering possible peace agreements in Syria.

In Amidror's opinion, Israel needs to first of all "take care of its strategic goal" of "keeping Iran and Hezbollah from building launch pads in Syria."

Regardless of how much Israel wants the Syrian civil war to end, "the price can't be having Iran and Hezbollah on our borders."

Yalkut Shimoni (Book of Yeshayahu #499) deals with military conflicts of the future, which is now:

Interestingly, but not coincidental, the Yalkut states that Paras (Persia-Iran) will be the dread of humanity. World leaders will be frustrated in their futile efforts to save what they can. The people of Yisrael will also be petrified by the impending danger. And HaShem will say to us, "Why are you afraid? All of this I have done in order to bring you the awaited redemption. And this redemption will not be like the redemption from Egypt, which was followed by suffering. This redemption will be absolute, followed with peace".

Who will bring about the final redemption?

In view of the life-threatening dangers facing our nation from Arabs and Moslems, military service in Tzahal is the fulfillment of the most essential contemporary mitzva.

In this week’s parasha, Moshe angrily rebukes the tribes of Reuven and Gad when they requested to receive their land portions on the liberated eastern side of the Jordan River without having to go to war together with the other tribes.

Would your brothers (the other tribes who still have to liberate the western side of the Jordan) come to war while you sit here?

Devorah the Shofetet, denounced the people of Meroz for evading the call to defend the nation! (Shoftim 5,23)

Curse Meroz said the angel of the Lord. Curse its people because they did not come to help the Lord,

The hareidi sector is opposed to military service in Tzahal, but are splintered regarding the reasons for their objections. The most extreme elements claim that the Medina was born in sin and has no right to exist, and would welcome the return of some foreign entity - even the Arabs - to rule over the land until the Mashiach appears.

Another group claims that since the sins of the secular are responsible for our security problems, they are the ones who must serve.

The more enlightened hareidim claim that their Torah study is protecting the Medina, no less than Tzahal.

So, the question is: now that leading Chareidi rabbis have relinquished the helm of leadership of the Medina by prohibiting their students (numbering in the tens of thousands) from taking part in the defense of our holy land and nation, who will bring about the final redemption?

The answer is Iran.

Changes to the status quo are on the horizon

Current events are following HaShem’s plan as revealed by Chazal.

The US and European States signed a bad agreement with Iran, the result of an American President who is a closet Jihadist or an incompetent with a narcissist complex.

The Redeemer will be HaShem, but what is the role that Iran will play?

The Gemara (Sanhedrin 97b) records a fundamental controversy between two leading tana’ic rabbis - Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Yehoshua.

Rabbi Eliezer believes that redemption will come about only after the Jewish people do teshuva (to repent and return to the correct path). HaShem will not initiate any act of forgiveness or redemption, but will react to our teshuva initiative.

Rabbi Yehoshua disputes this, claiming that when a certain point in time will be reached, and the Jewish nation will not have done teshuva, HaShem will create a situation whereby we will be forced to return to the Torah. This will be done by HaShem giving rise to a despotic leader whose decrees will be even harsher than those of Haman.

Rambam in Hilchot Bait Habechira 7,23 states:

When builders enter the Temple to construct or repair it, or to remove an impure object, it is a mitzvah for the craftsmen who enter to be kohanim who do not possess any disqualifying physical deformities.

If no capable craftsmen meeting those criteria can be found, then kohanim with disqualifying deformities should enter. If none are found, Levites should enter. If none are found, Israelites should enter.

It is a mitzvah for those who enter to be tahor (ritually pure). If no capable craftsmen who are tahor can be found, then craftsmen who are tamai (impure) may enter.

At the end of the 19th century when HaShem saw that the time to return home had arrived, He certainly preferred that the initiators of our national renaissance would be great Torah scholars leading large numbers of God-fearing laymen. When the great scholars did not come forward, HaShem brought forth a non-observant visionary by the name of Theodor (Binyamin Zeev) Herzl to fill the historical void by establishing the Zionist movement. He was followed by groups of Jews who too were not Torah observant, but their hearts and minds were obsessed with rebuilding the Land and bringing millions of Jews home.

As the Rambam wrote regarding the construction of the Bet Hamikdash, the order of preference was from the observant craftsmen down to whoever there was who could do the job. HaShem gathered together Jews of every persuasion to clear the swamps, pave the roads, build the buildings, plant the vineyards, establish industries, form the military and a modern robust nation, called today Medinat Yisrael.

And just like the Bet Hamikdash, the moment it was completed, no tamai person could enter, no Levi could enter the precinct of the kohen and only the Kohen Gadol could enter the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur; so too the Medina. While it is being constructed, every craftsman can contribute his part; but when the Medina will reach a point decided by HaShem, changes will occur.

It is happening now, and those changes will be generated by Iran.

Iran’s role

Dire threats will be made by the Ayotullas of Iran to the people of Israel. The dangers will create here an atmosphere of trepidation, causing many people to leave the country.

Those with weak spiritual connections to the State and to Torah will either return to the Torah through teshuva or leave the land.

The three hundred and fifty thousand gentiles from the Soviet Union who do not want to convert halakhically will leave.

Hareidim who do not identify with the Medina will find living more comfortable in other places in the world, and many kollel men will find that the tension is interfering with their learning, and leave.

Millions of Arabs will flee to wherever they can, as they did in 1948.

The radical leftists who undermine the foundations of the Medina will leave.

The Jews in the galut will certainly not want to be here.

We lived in Kiryat Sanz in Netanya and during the three weeks preceding the Six Day War in 1967, we witnessed whole families escaping their own fears for “greener” pastures of the USA and Europe.

Their punishment was swift in coming. It was during the Six Day War that Medinat Yisrael liberated all of Yerushalayim, and the Medina became three times larger in six days. Those who had left were not here to rejoice with us.

In the future, those who will remain here will be the Jews who have an “irrational” love for the Land and believe deeply that HaShem will never abandon His children in Eretz Yisrael. They will be the old entrenched families who came here a hundred or more years ago - the Rivlins, the Blaus, the Solomons, the Kahanas of Tzfat, and the Liders of Tiveria. And of course, the knitted kipot people and the military personnel who are willing to sacrifice all for the State.

This is the role set about for Iran. To create fear that will cleanse the country of “inappropriate” residents and retain only those who are sincerely loyal to HaShem.

When that happens, we will witness the most astounding and impressive miracles of salvation which will defy all human imagination.

The Mashiach will appear and Tzahal will be his vessel to destroy the foreign enemies of HaShem and prepare the Land for the reappearance of the Shechina in the Bet Hamikdash on the Temple Mount.

This is what the Yalkut Shimoni means when it says: And HaShem will say to us, "Why are you afraid? All of this I have done in order to bring you the awaited redemption."

I hope and pray that HaShem will grant me, my family and friends to be among those who will witness these extraordinary events.


Rabbi Nachman Kahana is an Orthodox Rabbinic Scholar, Rav of Chazon Yechezkel Synagogue – Young Israel of the Old City of Jerusalem, Founder and Director of the Center for Kohanim, and Author of the 15-volume “Mei Menuchot” series on Tosefot, and 3-volume “With All Your Might: The Torah of Eretz Yisrael in the Weekly Parashah”, as we

Technology Hiding Nibiru System – Catastrophic Weather Events Heating Up

Catastrophic Weather Events Heating Up

More proof of technology that hide the Nibiru system 7/19/2017

100,000 Lightning Strikes over S UK smashes World Record! - "Hair-Raising Static”

July 19, 2017: 100,000+ lightning strikes were recorded *OVERNIGHT* in just **ONE NIGHT** over the South UK near Cornwall on July 18, 2017. Damaging flash flooding, large hail and high winds also showed up for the event. They (the #climate #chaos) also made a pit stop in Germany with large hail and flash flooding, and last but not least a very intense storm ripped through Tokyo also on the 18th...dropping golf ball size hail, high winds and flash flooding.

WSO - Was UK Lighting of Earthly Origin? 50,000 strikes per hour New Record

California wildfire explodes in size as blazes scorch U.S. West
MARIPOSA, Calif. (Reuters) - A wildfire that has forced thousands of Californians to flee their homes exploded in size on Wednesday, threatening a picturesque gold rush town outside Yosemite National Park as dozens of blazes scorched the U.S. West. The blaze has mushroomed to 48,000 acres (19,424 hectares), an increase of about 23,000 acres (9,307 hectares) compared with the day before. The fire has destroyed 29 structures and is threatening some 1,500 more structures, local media reported.

19 July 2017


ערביות תוקפות ילדים חרדים על הר הבית

אל הר קדשי | מראות הר הבית מהיום שני לעלייה החופשית מהוואקף

בדמייך חיי | עליה יחודית להר הבית והתיחדות עם השוטרים שנפלו על משמר המקום


The Greek Orthodox Church has sold off more of its real estate holdings in Israel including some of the ancient Roman ruins in Caesarea.


The Greek Orthodox Church has sold its rights to LAND IN REHAVIA and CENTRAL JERUSALEM to a group of real estate developers. This has caused a storm in the community and many are panic-stricken that they will lose their homes. They bought their homes with their life-savings from their former country (mostly English speakers), with the hope of spending their remaining years here, and then leaving their apartment to their children/grandchildren. Now the picture is bleak.

At one community meeting I attended, it was discussed:  Nachum FLeur-Hasan of the Iriyat Yerushalayim is spearheading investigative research and community owners’ involvement. They are delving into all the ramifications involved and indicate this is extremely complicated with myriad issues surrounding ownership, leasehold and buyer’s first rights, and many other legal terms.

The Church also owns land/property in Jaffa, Haifa, Caesarea, Jerusalem and maybe one other area. It seems they need the money and are, at least at the present, selling to Jewish buyers.

THE CHURCH LAND DILEMMA The issue of church land is rooted in the 1800s when the Greek Orthodox church and other Christian churches in Jerusalem started buying large tracts of land outside the Old City walls in the areas that are now Rehavia and Talbiyeh. Once the neighborhoods were built up, the churches agreed to grant 99-year leases for the land. Since these leases were signed in the 1950s, most of them will be expiring around the year 2050. According to current law, once the lease expires, owners who built on that land are not entitled to any compensation, and by law, the land and the buildings automatically revert back to the ownership of the church.


A group of Jewish businessmen has purchased “hundreds of dunams [quarter-acres]” of land from the Greek Orthodox Church. The report, on the Russian-language http://cursorinfo.co.il site, has not been corroborated by other sources. Details on the purchase were sparsely reported. The location was given as "prestigious Jerusalem neighborhoods," and the price was reported as approximately 80 million shekels ($22.6 million).

The properties are under lease, registered to the Israel Lands Authority until the year 2051. Negotiations in the 1990’s to have the Greek Orthodox Church extend the lease for another century were stymied by the Palestinian Authority. Buildings stand on most of the purchased lands.

The Greek Orthodox Church numbers about 100,000 faithful, most of them Arabs, and is considered the richest church in Israel. The Church Patriarch has responsibility for its extensive land holdings, which include the land on which the Knesset was built, the Prime Minister’s and the President’s official residences, parts of Jerusalem’s wealthiest neighborhoods, locations in the Old City, and parts of the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa. The acquisitions predate the establishment of the state of Israel. Some of these properties may have been sold in the recent deal.

The purchase agreement was signed by the leader of Greek Orthodoxy in Israel, Theophilus III. His predecessor, Irineos, was ousted because of accusations that he had planned to make a similar sale.

Theophilus, however, has still not taken a stand on a controversial sale several years ago of two hotels in the Old City, near the Jaffa Gate. to Jewish interests. Under heavy Palestinian Authority pressure, the Church later repudiated the sale, saying that Irineos' trusted financial advisor Nicholas Papedemes made the deal in Irineos' name, and then fled the country with the money. Though Irineos said he never authorized the Jaffa Gate transaction, Papedemes presented a document signed by Irineos authorizing him to carry out financial deals. ArutzSheva

The Greek Orthodox Church last week [July 4] sold 50 hectares of land in central Jerusalem – some 124 acres containing more than 1,000 housing units in numerous buildings – to an anonymous group of investors, spurring fears of a hostile takeover.

For many years, the land was leased to the Jewish National Fund in agreements that are about to expire, leaving the residents’ future rights in limbo. MKs Rachel Azaria and Akram Hasson of Kulanu, Yossi Yonah of Zionist Union, Mickey Levy of Yesh Atid and Uri Maklev of United Torah Judaism are scheduled to discuss the matter during a Knesset meeting on Wednesday.

“The land was leased by the church to JNF in the 1950s for 99 years,” […]“Buildings were constructed on it in which people have been living for decades. The residents knew that the agreements would expire within a certain time, but they assumed that the lease to JNF would be extended for a further period.”

“Following this, the city council received a flood of inquiries from residents of the area who did not know what the future held for them,” she said. “Last week, a large gathering of the residents was held by the Jerusalemites Party and addressed by council member Itai Gutler and architect Yehuda Greenfield. The residents are demanding to know who among them is affected by the agreement between the church and the developers and who is not, what the agreements say, and what they mean for them.”

“We are talking about people who have lived in these neighborhoods for decades and knew that they were dealing with JNF,” she said. “It’s not a matter of one building or a few families, but very large and prestigious neighborhoods in the heart of Jerusalem. Hundreds of residents who assumed that the lease from the church would be extended never imagined that they would find themselves having to deal with private developers who will suddenly hold the land when the lease agreements expire.”

Azaria added:  “In such a situation, they are liable to find themselves with nothing.”

“It is important that the state should intervene on the matter,” she said. “The value of the residents’ apartments is constantly falling, even in neighborhoods like Rehavia. Anyone who buys an apartment in these areas now is taking a risk, and that affects the value of the properties.”

“In a meeting with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Mayor Nir Barkat described dealing with this matter and [prioritizing] it at the highest level of importance,” the statement said. “Later, a meeting took place in the office of the director-general of the municipality, attended by representatives of JNF, the Justice Ministry and others, and it was decided that there should be further joint action by all the bodies involved in order to put an end to the residents’ uncertainty and to ensure continuation of the lease.”

The municipality statement continued:  “All state bodies are taking coordinated action via several channels, and the officials of the church are also expected to cooperate on the matter.”

18 July 2017



Predicted #Big #Quakes Arrive - 7.7 –  6.4 shake the Earth - Global Rumble
July 17, 2017: Update: *Big Quake Watch 7/10 - 7/20/2017*. We look back at the video published by MrMBB333 on 7/10/2017 and see how his forecast measures up against today's events...lets take a look. Link to the "Big Quake Watch" video listed below.

7/10/2017 Video

Communications Outages - Geomagnetic Storm Interference

Dangerous Flash Flood hits AZ and Italy - Heatwave/Wildfires/Hail/Twisters
(see RAW VIDEO below for results AZ flash flood)


7.7 Earth Quake. Tsunami Advisory!

WSO - Earth Between Rock and Hard Place - 7.4 MAG in Russia Just Now

WSO - Astronomer Captures Weird, Unknown Planet

NIBIRU – Plasma planet seen on 5 camera's at the same time 7/17/2017

RAW VIDEO: 9 people killed in flash flooding at Cold Springs Swimming Hole near Payson, Arizona – The search efforts for the remaining victim of a fatal flash flood that swept 14 people down stream

Watch this Impact of Massive Iceberg That Broke Away From Antarctica! What Comes Next?

17 July 2017

English Translation of Meir Ettinger post of 14/07/2017 – נער ישראל – ואוהבהו

English Translation of Meir Ettinger post of  (a fine translation:

נער ישראל – ואוהבהו

אז על מה באמת גל הצווים המנהליים הנוכחי?

        מאיר אטינגר כ' תמוז תשע"ז - 13:22 14/07/2017

Since the previous column was written, we have received administrative detention (Elia Nativ - the people with you!). And at least six new administrative orders. 2 guys who chose to sit in jail instead of succumbing to the dictates of the draconian order. It is difficult to discern the special reason for the administrative orders now, so what is the current wave of administrative orders? Pragmatic right and messianic right. If we notice, we will notice that those who haunt us today are not leftists, or who have a special antipathy to religion and tradition. Today, Shin Bet officials, the police commissioner, the top echelons of the prosecution, and those in the government are all right-wing people, many of them religious. The "new elite" as they call themselves - graduates of the national religious public. Now, not only did the persecution not stop. On the contrary, the hatred and hatred of the people of the regime against Dream Dreamers has only grown so much that they can no longer speak for peace. It is precisely these people who see passion and revolution as a great danger, and persecute the youth to the utmost in a way that has no parallel in far more leftist and secular governments. This phenomenon is the result of the disease of coolness. In our generation, which is dominated by lust, which in all directions is attacked by temptations and lusts, it is difficult to paint how a majority of Jews who choose holiness can be assembled, it appears that a real public answer is irrelevant. When the choice of Torah and mitzvot is made of coolness, it is difficult to imagine how such a vision could be imbued with the entire nation. So messianism that has driven the return of Zion so far - has become a derogatory word, and dreams of the Kingdom of Israel have been defined as dangerous and as those that may undermine the imagined peace we created here. 


In the past, the settlement was imbued with messianic fervor, and with faith in the Torah. The settlement movement in Samaria called itself Gush Emunim, with the understanding that the force that drives the love of the land is the belief in God. On the other hand, the young generation that was educated on the knees of Zionism, whether it is in the IDF in academia or when it joined one of the branches of the government system, even if the skullcap remained on its head, but religion was drained of enthusiasm and adherence. A religious minister who was responsible for the evacuation of Amona, a religious agriculture minister that enables the Bedouin to take control of Negev lands more than any of his predecessors, and the head of the religious Zionist party that proposes a diplomatic plan identical to the Oslo disaster. This week, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stood in front of the city of Qalqiliya, which he wants to expand. He explained that his victory over the expansion of Qalqiliya was actually a fundamental argument between a pragmatic right and a messianic right. Bennett quickly shook off the nickname "the disgrace." The truth is that in fact the difference between them is only quantitative. The difference between waiver of areas A and B only, is not significantly different from the addition of waiver of another few acres of Area C. It is no wonder that in such a reality, the hilltop youth with the messianic vision, dream-dreamers and cold-blooded refuseniks became the enemies of the people, the ones who are commanded to uproot and root. So that they would not set fire to their surroundings. The tragedy is that the same pragmatic and non-believable approach permeates the wider public, as well as the fearful public. Tired and weary of failed struggles, more and more attempts, preferring to earn what is possible and rest in peace, the obvious consequence is that those boys who are still burning, those last sparks that will naturally become dimmer and indistinct will become undesirable. 

Part 2

1. The youth of Israel. In a famous and revolutionary Torah by the Rebbe of Isabeche, author of Mei HaShiloach, he explains that Zimri was not a simple man but one of the righteous men of the desert generation. A man distanced from all passions, which only after he had made all possible efforts, did he realize that Zevi Bat Tzur was his real match. We will not dwell on this detailed account information. But in this Torah of the Rebbe of Isabeche is explained a great innovation, which touches the point in question. According to the Rebbe's explanation, it seems that Zmari did the right thing, and that is why Moses did not do the Pinchas act himself. Pinchas's recklessness was due to the fact that he was a little 'black and white' and did not get to the bottom of it. If so, why does the Torah praise Pinhas, so much so that it is said that in doing so he made atonement for the Israelites? The Chazal criticize Moses a little and note that "the Torah has ignored him"? Does the words of the Mei HaShiloach contradict the simplification of Scripture? 


The answer from the Rebbe of Izbica is surprising and constructive. "And this is said: that the youth of Israel and loved him." Although it turns out that Pinchas's act was a little boyish, he regarded the matter from a superficial perspective, but "even though the Torah chooses liqueur for zeal and devotion for the glory of Heaven, even if the actual act is not the best, . When the depths of the Torah are deepened, and in the accounts of Heaven, "the Torah has disappeared from it," when most of the accounts of chillyness spread, it is precisely the youth's power to shake the cold and to sanctify the situation. Rabbi Nachman of Breslav teaches that there are leaders and famous people who lie, who lead the generation through their boldness, and in their spirit of impudence they impose people under their subjugation, under their culture, and their worldview. In order to be saved from them, it is possible only by boldness, boldness on the part of the saint, who dares to refuse and accept their authority. If not for sacredness, we are all subject to the enslavement of those dictates and rules of conduct, of those limits that have determined what is permissible and what is impossible. With the help of accounting and coolness, it is impossible to overcome these dictates. It is impossible to break the barrier of pragmatism, precisely because of this God loves the girls' quality, despite its marginal shortcomings in relation to its virtues. The same girls we miss most today. The Shittim River. 1 This idea is similarly mentioned in the books of Hasidism in connection with the verse in the Book of Joel, "From spring he went out of the house of the Lord, and watered the stream of the Shittim."

Part 4

The Rebbe Rashab [pamphlet and spring] explains that just as the fall of lust comes from the spirit of folly that prevails over man, so too the pursuit of livelihood, and the excessive effort to negotiate, originate in the spirit of folly. We would stop a man on the street and ask, "A Jew, a livelihood from where?" The natural answer would be: "A livelihood from heaven." Despite this belief inherent in the hearts of the most simple Jews, we find ourselves chasing after livelihood, The Rashab is a spirit of real folly. How is it possible that a Jew who believes that God brings him the livelihood will make efforts that will harm his worship of God? And the fact is that we all live daily in this nonsense. If we believe that God is the one who runs the world, how can it be possible to act while giving up the yoke of Yoreh from the demands of the Torah? Indeed, "there is no obstacle to God to save a rabbi or a little," and our action is nothing but effort. "And anyone who is Jewish does not think in any way that the business is his source of income." In the end, Lieberman is right. There is no doubt that the real motive of all those elected religious figures is messianic, and by virtue of the holy Torah they derive the belief in our right to the land. The false insistence on imagining that we are pragmatic and fighting in the messianic spirit is nothing but a spirit of folly. If we notice, we will discern that, as in the private service of God, the yetzer hara is nothing but a spirit of folly, the only way to stand against it is through the spirit of holy nonsense, inexplicable stubbornness, and refusal to submit to any explanation of the yetzer hara. This is also the case in the general war, not against a pragmatic logic we stand in, but against the spirit of nonsense 'false messianism'. Which insists on its path even at the cost of security folly and moral injustice. Hasidism teaches that from all the foolishness of lust can be met only by the spirit of foolishness on the part of holiness "to be absolute in him absolutely finished that he must do his commandment according to the Torah and mitzvot and stand strong against the lust of the animal soul not to do what his heart desires. When one enters into arguments against the temptations of the yetzer hara, the coolness takes over and there is no ability to hold on to the temptation of evil inclination. It is foolish to think that the 'messianism of the left' can be defeated with realism and pragmatism. Without messianic fervor, and faith in God slowly fold all the flags, and the right turns to the left. Faced with the spirit of nonsense of the shell, we have nothing but a spirit of holiness, a boyish, playful spirit. For this we must forgo the attempt to reap achievements here and there, and focus on the main task of instilling a burning and burning messianic spirit. It is precisely now that the real virus is needed to liquefy the youth, even if the actual results are not in our favor, even if we assume that this is a vision that has something to add to the depth. Precisely now we need more messianism and yes, even more frustration. "The youth of Israel - and loved.

Part 5

16 July 2017

Meir Ettinger - נער ישראל – ואוהבהו

נער ישראל – ואוהבהו

אז על מה באמת גל הצווים המנהליים הנוכחי?

מאיר אטינגר כ' תמוז תשע"ז - 13:22 14/07/2017

הצווים המנהליים ממשיכים, מאז כתיבת הטור הקודם, קיבלנו עוד מעצר מנהלי (אליה נתיב – העם איתך!). ועוד לפחות 6 צווים מנהליים חדשים. 2  בחורים שבחרו לשבת בכלא במקום להיכנע לתכתיבי הצו הדרקוני. קשה להבחין באיזו סיבה מיוחדת לצווים המנהליים דווקא עכשיו, אז על מה באמת גל הצווים המנהליים הנוכחי?
  1. ימין פרגמטי וימין משיחי.
אם נשים לב נבחין כי אותם אלו שרודפים אותנו היום, אינם אנשי שמאל, או כאלו שיש להם אנטי מיוחד לדת ולמסורת. היום, בכירי השב"כ, מפכ"ל המשטרה, צמרת הפרקליטות, והיושבים בממשלה כולם אנשים ימניים, רבים מהם דתיים. ה'אליטה החדשה' כפי שהם מכנים את עצמם – בוגרי הציבור הדתי לאומי. והנה – לא רק שלא פסקו הרדיפות. להפך, השנאה והמשטמה של אנשי השלטון כנגד 'חולמי החלומות' רק גדלה, עד כדי כך שכבר לא 'יכלו דברו לשלום'. דווקא אנשים אלו רואים בלהט ובמהפכנות סכנה גדולה, ורודפים את הנוער עד חורמה בצורה שלא היה לה אח ורע בממשלות שמאליות וחילוניות בהרבה.
תופעה זו היא תוצאה של מחלת הקרירות. בדור שלנו, אשר התאוות שולטות בו בכל התוקף, כשמכל הכיוונים אנחנו מותקפים בפיתויים ותאוות, קשה לצייר כיצד ניתן לקבץ רוב של יהודים אשר יבחרו בקדושה, נראה כי תשובה ציבורית אמיתית איננה רלוונטית, ואם כן אין ברירה אלא להתגמש ולוותר. כאשר הבחירה בתורה ומצוות נעשית מתוך קרירות, קשה לצייר כיצד יהיה ניתן להדביק בחזון כזה את כל העם. כך המשיחיות אשר הניעה את שיבת ציון עד כה - הפכה למילת גנאי, וחלומות על מלכות ישראל הוגדרו כמסוכנים וככאלו העלולים לערער את השלווה המדומה שיצרנו כאן.
בעבר הייתה ההתיישבות חדורה בלהט משיחי, ובחיות של אמונה בתורה. התנועה להתיישבות בשומרון כינתה את עצמה "גוש אמונים", מתוך הבנה שהכוח שמניע את אהבת הארץ היא האמונה בה'.  לעומת זאת הדור הצעיר שחונך על ברכי הציונות, אם זה בצה"ל באקדמיה או כאשר הצטרף לאחד מצינורות מערכת השלטון, גם אם אמנם הכיפה נשארה על ראשו, אבל הדת רוקנה מהלהט ומהדבקות. אמונה כזו כבר לא יכולה לדלג מעל מחסום הפרגמטיות וכך נשארנו עם מפכ"ל משטרה דתי שהיה אחראי על פינוי עמונה, שר חקלאות דתי שמאפשר את השתלטות הבדואים על אדמות הנגב יותר מכל קודמיו, וראש המפלגה הציונית דתית שמציע תכנית מדינית הזהה לאסון אוסלו.
השבוע עמד שר הביטחון ליברמן מול העיר קלקיליה אותה הוא רוצה להרחיב, והסביר כי הווכיחוח על הרחבת קלקיליה הוא למעשה וויכוח עקרוני בין ימין פרגמטי לימין משיחי, בנט מיהר להתנער מכינוי ה'גנאי' והבהיר כי הוא הימין הפרגמטי הביטחוני. האמת היא שלמעשה ההבדל בין שניהם הוא כמותי בלבד. ההבדל בין ויתור על שטחי AוB בלבד, אינו שונה מהותית מתוספת של ויתור על עוד כמה דונמים משטחי C.
אין פלא שבמציאות כזו, הפכו נערי הגבעות בעלי החזון המשיחי, חולמי החלומות וסרבני הקרירות לאויבי העם, אלו שמצווה לעקור ולשרש. כדי שלא יבעירו באש אשר בליבם את סביבתם.
הטרגדיה היא שאותה תפיסה פרגמטית ובלתי אמונית, מחלחלת לציבורים רחבים, וגם אל תוך ציבור יראי ה'. עייף ויגע ממאבקים כושלים, מעוד ועוד ניסיונות, מעדיפים להרוויח את מה שאפשר ולנוח בשקט, התוצאה המתבקשת היא שאותם נערים אשר עדיין בוערים, אותם ניצוצות אחרונים, אשר מטבע הדברים, יהפכו ליותר ויותר עמומים ובלתי בהירים יהפכו לבלתי רצויים.
1. נער ישראל.
בתורה מפורסמת ומהפכנית של הרבי מאיזבצ'ה בעל 'מי השילוח', הוא מסביר כי זמרי לא היה אדם פשוט אלא אחד מצדיקי דור המדבר. אדם מרוחק מכל התאוות, שרק לאחר שעשה את כל המאמצים האפשריים, הבין שכזבי בת צור היא זיווגו האמיתי. לא נתעכב על פרטי חשבון מעמיק זה. אך בתורה זו של הרבי מאיזבצ'ה מוסבר חידוש גדול, שנוגע מאד לנקודה המדוברת.

על פי הסברו של הרבי מאיזבצ'ה מסתבר שזמרי עשה מעשה נכון, וזו הסיבה שמשה שתק ולא עשה בעצמו את מעשה פנחס, הפזיזות של פנחס נבעה למעשה מראייה שהיא קצת 'שחור-לבן', ולא העמיקה לשורש העניין. אם כן מדוע התורה משבחת דווקא את פנחס, עד כדי כך שנאמר כי במעשהו הוא כיפר על בני ישראל? ועוד חז"ל מבקרים קצת את משה ומציינים ש'נתעלמה ממנו הלכה'? האם דבריו של 'מי השילוח' מנוגדים לפשט הכתובים?

התשובה של הרבי מאיזבצ'ה מפתיעה ומכוננת. "ועל זה נאמר: כי נער ישראל ואוהבהו". אמנם למפרע הסתבר שמעשהו של פנחס היה קצת נערי, שיחסית למשה הוא ראה את הדברים ממבט שטחי, אך "אף על פי כן, השי"ת אוהבו והסכים עמו, כי לפי שכלו עשה דבר גדול בקנאותו ומסר נפשו". התורה בוחרת ליקר את הלהט והמסירות נפש עבור כבוד שמים, גם אם המעשה בפועל אינו הכי מוצלח, ואולי אפילו נובע מראיה קצת שטחית.

כאשר ההעמקה בפנימיות התורה, ובחשבונות שמים מביאים לכך ש'נתעלמה ממנו הלכה', כאשר מרוב חשבונות הקרירות מתפשטת, דווקא בכוחו של הנוער לנער את הקרירות, ובעזות דקדושה לתקן את המצב. ר' נחמן מברסלב מלמד (תורה כ"ב בליקוטי מוהר"ן) כי ישנם מנהיגים ומפורסמים של שקר, שמנהיגים את הדור, באמצעות עזותם, וברוח חוצפתם הם כופים אנשים תחת שעבודם, תחת התרבות שלהם, ותפיסת עולמם. כדי להינצל מהם הדבר אפשרי רק ע"י עזות. עזות מצד הקדושה. אשר מעיזה לסרב ולקבל את מרותם.

אילולי העזות דקדושה, כולנו כפופים תחת השעבוד של אותם תכתיבים וכללי התנהגות, של אותם גבולות אשר קבעו לנו מה מותר להגיד ומה בלתי אפשרי. בעזרת חשבונאות וקרירות לא ניתן להתגבר על התכתיבים האלו, לא ניתן לשבור את מחסום הפרגמטיות, דווקא בשל כך אוהב ה' דווקא את תכונת הנערות, למרות חסרונותיה השוליים ביחס למעלותיה. אותה נערות היא החסרה לנו היום יותר מכל.

נחל השיטים .
רעיון זה מוזכר בצורה דומה בספרי החסידות בקשר לפסוק בספר יואל "ומעיין יצא מבית ה' והשקה את נחל השיטים", נחל השיטים הוא המקום שבו התרחש חטא בעל פעור ומעשה זמרי וכוזבי. החטא מוגדר כשטות, מכיוון שבהתבוננות לאחור, ברור לכל שאין בו היגיון, התאווה מתגברת על השכל וגורמת לאדם ליפול בחטא. בפרט בעוון בעל פעור, עבודה זרה שהיו עובדים אותה בצורה כה מטופשת וחסרת היגיון. את כוח השטות ננצל לצורכי הקדושה, עבור עמידה תקיפה ועקשנית מול הנסיונות.

הרבי הרש"ב [בקונטרס "ומעיין"] מסביר שכפי שהנפילה בתאוות באה מרוח שטות שמשתלטת על האדם, כך גם הרדיפה אחר הפרנסה, ועודף ההשתדלות במשא ומתן, מקורם ברוח שטות. העובדה היא שלמרות שרובם של עם ישראל הם אנשים מאמינים בני מאמינים, ואילו היינו עוצרים אדם ברחוב ושואלים "יהודי, פרנסה מניין?" התשובה הטבעית תהיה: "פרנסה משמים". למרות אמונה זו שטבועה בלב היהודים הכי פשוטים, אנחנו מוצאים את עצמנו רודפים אחרי הפרנסה, ביגיעות וגם על חשבון עבודת ה'. הריאליות הזו בעיני הרבי הרש"ב היא רוח שטות של ממש. כיצד יתכן שיהודי שמאמין שה' מביא לו את הפרנסה, יעשה השתדלות אשר תפגע בעבודת ה' שלו? ועובדה היא שכולנו חיים יום יום בתוך השטות הזו.

אותה מציאות תמוהה שמצייר הרבי הרש"ב נוכל לראות גם בפעילות למען הכלל. מסתבר שהריאליות והפרגמטיות אינם אלא רוח שטות. אם אנחנו מאמינים כי ה' הוא זה שמנהל את העולם, איך יתכן לפעול תוך כדי ויתור על קוצו של יו"ד מדרישות התורה. הרי באמת "אין מעצור לה' להושיע ברב או במעט", והפעולה שלנו אינה אלא השתדלות. "וכל מי שהוא יהודי אינו חושב בשום אופן שהעסק הוא מקור פרנסתו".

בסופו של דבר ליברמן צודק, אין ספק כי המניע האמיתי של כל אותם נבחרי ציבור דתיים הוא משיחי, מכוח התורה הקדושה הם שואבים את האמונה בזכותנו על הארץ. ההתעקשות המדומה לדמיין שאנחנו פרגמטיים, ולהילחם ברוח המשיחית, אינה אלא רוח שטות.

אם נשים לב נבחין, כי כפי שבעבודת ה' הפרטית, היצר הרע אינו אלא רוח שטות, אשר הדרך היחידה לעמוד נגדה הוא בעזרת רוח שטות קדושה, עקשנות בלתי מוסברת, וסירוב להיכנע לכל הסבר של היצר הרע. ככה גם במלחמה הכללית, לא מול היגיון פרגמטי אנחנו עומדים, אלא מול רוח שטות 'משיחיות שקר'. המתעקשת על דרכה גם במחיר של איוולת בטחונית ועוולה מוסרית.

החסידות מלמדת כי מכל רוח השטות של התאוות ניתן לעמוד רק בעזרת רוח שטות מצד הקדושה "להיות כי מוחלט אצלו בהחלט גמור אשר הוא צריך לעשות את שלו המצווה עליו על פי התורה והמצוות ולעמוד חזק נגד תאוות הנפש הבהמית שלא לעשות מה שמתאווה ליבו". כאשר נכנסים לטענות מול פיתויי היצר הרע הקרירות משתלטת ואין כל יכולת להחזיק מעמוד מול פיתויי היצר הרע.

שטות היא לחשוב שניתן לנצח את 'משיחיות השמאל' בעזרת ריאליזם ופרגמטיזם. ללא הלהט המשיחי, והאמונה בה' לאט לאט מתקפלים כל הדגלים, והימין הופך לשמאל. מול רוח השטות של הקליפה, אין לנו אלא להעמיד רוח שטות של קדושה, רוח נערית ושובבה. בשביל כך עלינו לותר על הניסיון לקצור הישגים פה ושם, ולהתמקד במשימה העיקרית להפיח רוח חיים משיחית בוערת ולוהטת.

דווקא עכשיו מול נגיף הריאליות נדרש ליקר את הנוער, גם אם התוצאות בפועל אינם לרוחנו, גם אם נניח כי מדובר בראייה שיש לה מה להוסיף בעומק, נדרשת עוד ועוד רוח אחרת כזו שבכוחה לעמוד בעזות מול חוצפתו של הממסד. דווקא עכשיו דרושה לנו עוד מהמשיחיות וכן, גם עוד מהתסכול. "נער ישראל – ואוהבהו".

15 July 2017


WSO - These are NOT Normal Sunsets

Earth tilting South - Sun too far North - Proof! - Michigan Farmer confirms Phenomenon – Has the earth tilted to the south moving the more severe weather patterns farther to the North? 

A very experienced farmer from Michigan has proof that the sun is indeed much further to the north than what we are typically used to observing. He also observed the 'no flies' on his farm.

We've also observed a unusually high tornado and very severe weather phenomenon in the upper states of N America. In fact, there were 4 confirmed tornados in Maine July 1, 2017. Also many tornados in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The type of energy usually associated with those types of storms are generally about 8 degrees to the south, in the midwest part of N America. Consistent with a Sun that is about 8 degrees farther to the north, or our planet that is 8 degrees tilted farther to the south!

SWPC Type IV Alert - Shockwave ROCKS Earth - (Late Flaring Observed)

Description: Type IV emissions occur in association with major eruptions on the sun and are typically associated with strong coronal mass ejections and solar radiation storms.
(Late flaring observed after video, probably culprit)

14 July 2017

Parshas Pinchas – The Thin Still Sound (corrected version)

By Roy S. Neuberger

Last week we discussed the words of Bilaam, which ring down through the ages: “Am levadad yishkon … Behold! It is a nation that will dwell in solitude and not be reckoned among the nations.” (Bamidbar 23:9) The reality is that we are completely alone among the nations. Yishmoel hates us and Esav hates us, and we should never yearn for their love. The only affection for which we as a Nation should yearn is the love of the Ribono shel Olam, as it says, “Your love is dearer to me than all earthly delights….” (Shir Hashirim 1:2)

This is true not only on a national but on a personal level. The heroes of Am Yisroel, from the very beginning, had the fortitude to ignore the entire world and cleave to that which their intelligence told them was right and correct. The courage required for this is prodigious, as most of us know from personal experience. When I want to do something, I often wonder, “What will ploni almoni think about it?” The greatest tragedies in history occurred when people listened to other people without examining their actions. The possuk warns us, “Do not be a follower of the majority for evil.” (Shemos 23:2) 

Here are some prime examples: Adam listened to Chava, with catastrophic consequences. The ten miraglimlistened to each other and the people listened to them! Two weeks ago, we read about a case in which people encouraged each other to act contrary to da’as Torah“The people quarreled with Moshe Rabbeinu…” (Bamidbar 20:3) And last week we read, “Israel became attached to Baal-peor, and the wrath of Hashem flared up against Israel.” (Bamidbar 25:4) In the culture which surrounds us, the vast majority are glued to their cell phones, headphones, television screens and computer monitors, with their brains switched off. They go through life without thinking, like an endless herd of sheep. 

Now especially, during the Three Weeks, we have to snap out of this trance. “Hisna’ari mai’afar kumi … Shake off the dust (and) arise! … Wake up! Wake up!” (Lecha Dodi)

Rabbi Shlomo Lorincz zt”l describes the coming of the Chazon Ish to Eretz Yisroel in 1933: “The Chazon Ish led a one-man revolution with neither soldiers nor funds nor any organization structure at his disposal. His only weapon was his spiritual might and courage. Those weapons he employed not only in an uncompromising battle against the secularists, but against the reigning norms and conventions of the religious community as well. He succeeded in producing a generation of bnai Torah and paving the way for all the generations to come.”  (In Their Shadow, page 3) Regarding halachic decisions, the Chazon Ish said: “I do not rule based on public opinion, but by looking into the Shulchan Aruch. I am not even interested in what the public has to say and what it wants, because one doesn’t decide halacha based on what one sees in the street.” (ibid, page 14)

I recently came across notes on a conversation I had several years ago with Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch Shlita”h, Ra'avad of the Edah Hachareidis in Yerushalayim. Rabbi Shternbuch told me: “Make sure that you are not intimidated by anyone. Do not be afraid to say what you have to say…. You have to be willing to be ostracized for speaking the truth.” He made a comparison to the Levi’im, who were completely shaved like metzoraim before performing their avoda (see Rashi on Bamidbar 8:7). He told me that “a metzora is ostracized … and so you have to be willing to be ostracized for speaking the truth.”

We can understand how Pinchas became the ancestor of Eliyahu Hanovi (Yalkut Shimoni), who says, “I have been exceedingly zealous for Hashem, G-d of Legions, for the children of Israel have abandoned Your covenant….” (I Kings 19:10; this week’s Haftara) Eliyahu Hanovi constantly risked his life to serve Hashem.

What does it mean to be zealous for Hashem? It means that the Reality of Hashem’s Existence remains always before a person, so that his actions will be according to the Torah and not the ways of mankind. When Yosef Hatzaddik resisted Potiphar’s wife, the image of his father appeared before him, and he saved Am Yisroel. His Great Grandfather, Avraham Avinu, was willing to stand against the entire world to represent Hashem. In a previous generation, Noach saw that the world was ending and prepared for it. He was one of eight survivors. 

In a different context – lehavdil – I want to mention my father. He grew up in America without any exposure to Yiddishkeit, but he had an independent mind, which perhaps I inherited. This enabled me to see the world differently from my contemporaries and break away from their empty lifestyle. My father entered Wall Street in 1929, several months before the Market Crash which initiated the Great Depression. He survived that disaster because he saw clearly what was coming. He was a pioneer of the stock-trading technique called “selling short,” in which one expects the market to decline rather than rise. This is the opposite of the approach of the masses, who cannot comprehend the idea that the market could decline. My father was one of the few survivors of the Crash. 

Today, when the world is marching to the same mindless rhythms, we have to learn to imitate Pinchas ben Elazar. We have to ignore the loud, meaningless noise, and listen for the “still, thin sound” (I Kings 19:12; this week’s Haftara) through which Hashem spoke to Eliyahu Hanovi. 

The Word of Hashem is heard by a heart immersed in Torah. Thus Hashem tells us, “Shema Yisroel … Hear, Oh Israel.” May we all hear “shira chadasha … a new song” and see the Final and Complete Redemption speedily in our days!

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Roy Neuberger, author and public speaker, can be reached at roy@2020vision.co.il.

© Copyright 2017 by Roy S. Neuberger