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12 January 2019


LATEST EVENTS 2019 (JANUARY 4, 2019) NASA finds new HABITABLE planet which could host ALIEN life. [no such thing, says our Torah]

A NEW “habitable” planet has been discovered with the help of rookie scientists using a NASA telescope. Dubbed K2-288Bb, the planet is located 226 light-years away and is roughly twice the size of Earth. For comparison, the furthest manmade object form Earth, Voyager 1, is a mere 0.0018711857452558 light years away — 11 billion miles.

But astonishingly, the distant exoplanet orbits a faint red dwarf star within its habitable zone. [ This could be their way of telling us how close NIBIRU is at the moment of their ‘discovery’]


Leah Rosenberg said...


Regarding your comment, "NASA finds a new HABITABLE planet which could host ALIEN life. [no such thing, says our Torah]," interestingly enough, there is a commentary regarding life on other planets. MeAm Loez, by Rabbi Yaakov Culi, translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan ztl, records that according to the Zohar, there are seven earths referred to as mystical habitations. A description is given as to what type of life form inhabits each planet. This is truly fascinating. This text is found in volume one of the seven-volume work and it is in print and can be purchased. You may want to give it a look. Don't mean to be off topic but thought I would pass it on as a very fascinating FYI

Shavua Tov,


Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe this is a way of making us all forget about Nibiru. They know that 'space' aliens always get the attention of those who believe in 'science fiction'.