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29 September 2022

Rabbi Weissman – Moles and Mosrim Part 6.5


Her bio reads as follows: “Dr Olusimbo Ige is a public health physician with extensive expertise in implementation research with over 30 peer reviewed publications . She holds Bachelor of Medicine, Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Masters in Public Health degrees from Nigeria and the UK. Her expertise is in leveraging data to provide insights and integration of processes, systems, and behaviors needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public health programs.”

For those who need help with the buzzwords, “implementation research”, according to Fauci's NIH, refers to “the scientific study of the use of strategies to adopt and integrate evidence-based health interventions into clinical and community settings”. In other words, studying people and communities to figure out how to get them to do what you want.

Even better, Ige and her team at the Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, use “a racial and social justice approach”. Because, obviously, when facing a health issue people's race and a shady agenda should be the main area of focus.  Nothing to be concerned about there.

Ige proceeded to equip her operatives on the ground with hand-picked studies to increase people's fear of catching the “Omicron” variant, even if they previously took shots. As per her actual job as a medical propagandist, Ige focused exclusively on angles that would increase people's fear of Covid and indicate that the only reasonable decision would be to take more shots.

If Ige was aware of any potential downsides to taking the shots at the late date of May 4, 2022, she did not demonstrate this at the meeting. It didn't serve the purpose, and was outside her job description, besides.

Ige then noted that “Data does not necessarily convince people, emotional connection does”. This was well within her job description – not to inform people so they could make the best decision for themselves, but to convince them, using emotional manipulation if slanted data didn't do the trick.

“BP [Boro Park] community members have been more receptive to COVID-19 treatment than to vaccination”.

Despite the tidal wave of propaganda coming at them from all directions, and despite upholding a religious belief that protecting one's health and the lives of others are of paramount importance, the Boro Park community had largely decided that the Covid shots were not the best option. Were they all too stupid and primitive to make a proper assessment? Was any conclusion other than taking the shots unreasonable and unacceptable? Was it at all possible that they were on to something?

Dr. Ige's job wasn't to give serious consideration to such questions, but to “implement” an agenda:

“Moving forward - “How can we sell prevention?”

Ige wasn't asking how they could convince people to prevent illness with a more healthy lifestyle.  That wasn't in the sales catalogue.  Only Covid shots.  These "experts" were nothing more than undercover salesmen for drug companies.  

What better salesman to Orthodox Jews than trusted individuals and organizations embedded in the community?  Here is a partial list of "funded partners for Jewish community engagement" (translation: paid propagandists) that Ige shared in a JOWMA presentation (which you can listen to here).

So what was the best way to sell "prevention" in the form of Covid shots? "Stories tend to be the most powerful – stories from people who have lost loved ones, EMT/ambulance workers”

To be clear, she wasn't talking about stories from people who lost loved ones to heart attacks, strokes, and unexplained “sudden deaths” in the aftermath of taking the shots. She was talking about stories from people who lost loved ones to “Covid” – which, as we know, might well have been prevented with early treatment, and might well have been caused by neglect or willful medical malpractice – otherwise known as murder – in hospitals.

But if people with signs of illness were treated properly, instead of being left to deteriorate, then had tubes shoved down their throats while being drugged into a coma, there wouldn't be quite so many emotional stories for people to connect to, and frighten them into taking Covid shots. How could Ige and her superiors implement the health agenda without generating enough “Covid deaths”?

When it comes to social justice, some people just have to take it on the chin for the greater good. Not the powerful and privileged, but you.

Also note the use of EMT/ambulance workers to help spread the fear and propaganda. When it comes to the Orthodox Jewish community, no one is better suited for that than Hatzolah. And true to their reputation, when called upon to help implement the agenda, Hatzolah responded in record time.

To be continued.




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