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29 September 2022

IAN THE TERRIBLE — Hurricane Attack on Florida


Monstrous EIGHTEEN FOOT storm surge swallows Fort Myers and leaves hundreds of families clinging to their rooftops: Record-breaking Hurricane Ian leaves one million without power and sends tsunami of flood water crashing up West Coast

  • Horrifying footage showed wave after wave smash the small city of Fort Myers, swallowing buildings and cars
  • It sees the 'unsurvivable' torrent of water engulf palm trees in the tropical resort and rip some from their roots 
  • The tempest was forced forwards by 155mph winds - only the fifth storm in history to smack land at that speed
  • Meanwhile Naples and Sanibel Island were also rocked by the 'historic' hurricane, with houses overwhelmed
  • Across the state 2,078,473  homes saw blackouts and Ron DeSantis said he expected it to be millions


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