17 August 2017

Parshas Re'eh: I’m Putting in Front of You Today, the Blessing and the Curse . . .

Do Not Wait – The Time is Now

I’m putting in front of you today, the blessing and the curse . . .

Rabbi Mizrachi speaks current events.

  • Rabbi Mizrachi also speaks about the marching Nazis in America, the Arabs, and why they bother the Jews. From Shamayim Hashem directs the Nazis against the Jews – The Hand of Hashem.
  • Also about the “signs” (and they were many) in Switzerland.
  • Jews are the No l tourists in Turkey.
  • Hashem is waking up the Jews all over the world.
  • In India a hospital did not pay its electric bill, so the company shut their electricity and 60 children died (who were connected to oxygen machines). (They knew about it, but because of money they did it anyway.)

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