31 August 2017


Planet X Location Revealed-Earth Tilts-Sea Retreats-Weather intensifies
There is photographic evidence produced during the Great American Eclipse that strongly suggest the presence of a planetary body approaching the point of perihelion with the sun.

FEMA Prepares for Black Sky Event Across America-Warning Signs of a Planet X Nibiru Pole Shift
Earth EX 2017 is a joint exercise by the federal government to make preparations in anticipation of mass power outages across the United Sates, which would occur as a result of a "black sky" event that would bring society to it's knees.

Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert-Heatwave and Wildfire Chaos-Greenland Heating Up
A Newsweek article published an alarming report that observers had recorded more than 1,500 earthquakes on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park as part of an ongoing “swarm” currently in its seventh week. The swarm began on June 12 and as of August 2 a whopping 1562 events have been registered by the University of Utah's seismograph station.

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