15 August 2017

Charlottesville . . . . UPDATE

UPDATE: Highly recommended

Assessing #Charlottesville Culpability: Who's Responsible, Who's to Blame, Who Allowed It to Happen?

Division Deepens: Who Exactly Is to Blame for #Charlottesville?
John Hajjar, deputy director of the U.S.-Middle East Alliance to Support Donald Trump, Medea Benjamin (Co-Founder of Code Pink) and Lionel from The Lionel Nation, debate the issue on RT International Moscow live.

"George Soros funds these Antifa & BLM useful idiots. The Police stood down & let things get out of control thanx to a Democratic Mayor. Now its all the white peoples' fault; they gotta take away our freedom of speech. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Divide and Conquer…”

#Charlottesville: Soros Antifa Thugs Defile History by Comparing 'Unite the Right' to Hitler

It’s beyond comical to suggest for a moment that any of the organizers of ‘Unite the Right’ could and should in any wise be compared to Hitler or Nazis or neo-Nazis. The history simply doesn’t hold up or hold water. Herein is a bit of history that best explains the depravity and organic terror of Hitler and his acolytes. You defile history when you make it up on the run. Take notes and take notice
[the last two minutes is the summation]

What They're NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots


Anonymous said...

Question to your comment for palmtreeofdeborah.blogspot.de/2017/08/israel-pipeline-for-american-culture-to.html

to Neshama:
Could you explain what you mean by "disallow imports of healthy foods" ?
Do you have some examples of this ?

Neshama said...

Anon: One item that I ordered, that was approved by my doctor, was a vitamin in a form (liquid) that I needed for my condition at the time. Meches held the tiny box, and first told me it was a “forgot their term for foreign chemical”. I argued with them back and forth. Then they wanted me to pay an exorbitant amt. of shekels to release it. I told them to throw it away because I didn’t like their asking for hundreds of shekels for a harmless vitamin.

I have heard that other people have had items confiscated from their mail-order of health food items (this from the owner of a health food store here in Israel). He didn’t understand why, and contacted meches. They told them it was still being reviewed for permission to enter the country. So much for that excuse.

I can understand denying items out of fear of contamination, but to charge an exorbitant “release fee” is, in my opinion, a fancy way of making money.