03 August 2017

"Building of the Third Temple will Begin” Part I

There is a great dichotomy between some religious and political leaders about going up onto the Temple Mount area. Personally I do not believe from what I have read that a Jew is forbidden. He is spiritually in danger if s/he goes into the area above the most Holy areas. I believe I read §somewhere that because we are all in the state of tumah, and the building of the Temple will begin here on earth, Jews will need to enter certain areas, while non-Jews will be utilized in other areas. However, there will have to be a Religious Overseer who with his knowledge of the estimated areas of supreme Kedusha, he will have to guide the workers in their work. I am sure there are texts that describe in detail what §areas are forbidden and permitted. It makes no sense that Jews will not be allowed to begin the work on a Third Temple. [I believe both prophecies of the Temple are true and will be unified at some point]

I realize there are differing opinions, however, It says (I cannot find my source for this) that even if we don’t have the ashes of purification, to be able to enter all the Temple areas, those who are tamei can still begin to build the Third Beis. Firstly, the trees have to be removed, the mosques thereon need to be removed, and other things need to be cleaned away. So a tamei can do this work. As the work is begun, the red heifer may just show up at the right moment when it is needed.

It may happen in the same way that the Eretz Yisrael was redeemed via the socialists who declared the State of Israel in 1948. Nothing is coincidental. Hashem controls our actions here on earth and especially the leaders of nations. Some people do not hold by anything that Reb Nir ben Artzi proclaims, but if one has followed his writings, many of his descriptions have manifested, and there has been an increase in the momentum. Most recently he has begun speaking about a Third Temple (not a synagogue), the most anticipated development of the Redemption (follows below). Some Sages say Mashiach comes first, and some say work on the Temple comes first.

Reb Dov Bar Leib [of End of Days blog] gave explicit conditions for those motivated to go up to the Temple area. His explanations are detailed and according to his sources:

As I mentioned in detail in the previous post's comments, going up through the Mughrabi Gate into the Southern Court of the Gentiles or going up through the Northern Gates of the Tmeple Mount from Lions' Gate Ave/Way into the Norther Ct. of the Gentiles is NOT an Issur of Kareit. One simply has to avoid the Chiel around the east- west line between the Ezrat HaNashim on the east to the Ezrat Kohanim on the west. The two Courts of the Gentiles are symmetrical. Herod was a stickler for symmetry. Symmetry is a Roman/ Greek form of Beauty. So the two gentile courts on top of the Temple Mount were/are symmetrical. When entering the Mughrabi Gate do NOT turn left toward the Golden Dome so that you can stay clear of not crossing over the Chiel. Go up with some one who knows all the halakhot and the "no go" zones where one might incur Kareit.

When entering the Temple Mount abstain from relations with one's spouse for three days prior. Go to a Mikvah kosher for taharat Mishpachah on the morning before entering through the Gate. I also just recently heard that one should not wear leather of any kind when one goes up too, shoes or belts. There are a list of rules for properly doing Aliyat Har HaBayit. The Rambam did it when he was trying to make Aliyah to E. Yisrael during the Crusades. You can too as long as you stay away from the east west Chiel boundaries in the center of the compound.


Preserve the holy places

Preserve the Western Wall and its environs. 
Messiah must be revealed – there is no return! 
The Temple should be built – there is no return! 

The Holy One, blessed be He, will soon show *clear signs of the First and Second Temples, and the **revelation will lead to the building of the Third Temple!

The Creator is asking us not to be angry with the Prime Minister and not with the members of the Knesset, the Shin Bet, the Mossad and the Israel Defense Forces, for the Holy One, blessed be He, guides them, even though they do not feel it and everyone thinks he has made his own decision.

Netanyahu is very smart, makes it step by step, walks between the drops, and prefers that all will be quiet; he is not a prophet. He knows we cannot trust them, so he quickly released the security guard who protected him in Jordan. If they were late one hour, he could not leave Jordan because there were Hamas, ISIS, and Palestinians, everything mixed up. If his exit was delayed by one hour, he never could leave.

Messiah: Most of them know him, Jews and Gentiles; some are afraid to discover him. Clear signs speak of the Messiah. The Messiah is in our time, in our generation, and will be revealed any moment! We are waiting for the Holy One, blessed be He, to open the revelation of the King Messiah in public; there is no return! 


from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita,
Parashat Va’eschanan, 7 Av 5777, 30.7.17


§ If someone can supply sources for my estimation, please add them to the comments section.

*most likely by archaeological discoveries, like these:  

12th Dead Sea Scrolls cave
TimesofIsrael Archaeological Finds in 2017
Evidence of Last Battle for Jerusalem

**stay tuned to the work in the City of David, because I believe this will lead us to the place of the Third Temple.

***This is what I have made mention to be the V’Nahafochu moment that will come from out of nowhere and shock everyone.

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