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29 May 2022

Rabbi Weissman: Taking Out The Erev Rav Trash


Episode 41 of my Root and Branch Medical War Crimes series is now available here.  I tore two recent Erev Rav articles to shreds, one promoting the killing of unborn children, and the other arguing that the cynically named World Health Organization should utterly control us in the event of "health emergencies" that they conveniently get to declare.

On that note, an organization that the Orthodox world holds in great esteem, Aish HaTorah, is exposing itself as just another Erev Rav Trojan horse.  (Organizations that people hold in great esteem, like Chabad, Hatzalah, and the State of Israel, make ideal Trojan horses.) 

Check this out: aish.com/abortionpanel.

An organization that purports to spread Torah all over the world is pretending that killing unborn children is a "moral issue", not a matter of Jewish law, pretending that it doesn't matter if we have presumably widely divergent views on the matter, and is pretending that three secular-looking women who are promoted as a journalist, an activist, and a philosopher should be considered authorities on the matter. 

Aish HaTorah asks if killing unborn children ("abortion") is "a moral choice or a medical one", as if it isn't actually a matter of Jewish law, period.  "Beyond belief" indeed.  No doubt they were pushing the death shots, too.

I looked up the panelists.  One isn't even Jewish, one is a radical feminist, and the other seems to be marginally observant.  This is what Aish HaTorah is offering the world on a fundamental matter of Jewish law.  I'll let others try to unravel if they were always a Trojan horse, but they're definitely Erev Rav now.  

No surprise.




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Anonymous said...

Ta, Neshama for putting Rabbi Weissmans' articles of great wisdom on your blog.

A Rabbi who speaks the truth, and tells it like it is,

Gd bless him and Gd bless you.


Ana said...

More times than not, the assessment could be right - but it would be very prudent to not cast such a wide brush of who is a "Trojan Horse". The Aish HaTorah URL does not exist and was probably taken down after someone higher up got wind of what was going on. Mistakes happen and if overall someone has a cheskat kashrut, isn't it necessary to dan l'kaf zechut and investigate a little deeper before deriding an established yeshiva with who knows how many thousands of baalei teshuva to its credit?

Neshama said...

Right, one day a yeshiva had a program in which they invited a panel of goyim and heretics to deliver a bunch of kefira. We're supposed to believe this was an accident, or a misunderstanding, and no one significant knew about it, and it just happened. Sorry, that's not a credible excuse.

You lose your chezkas kashrus the moment you're caught selling treif.


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