12 July 2021

Special Interview With Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava


If anyone might be interested, this interview gives a more personal and inside appreciation of all the workers at the Champlain Towers at Surfside

Also here is a Survivor Interview


Gavriela Dvorah said...

What sticks with me the most from the survivor's testimony is when she said that she spoke to herself and said "I must remain calm. If I'm not calm, I will die in this building." Obviously, she is religious, as she says she had just finished her prayers and was beginning to recite something else (I didn't catch it). I believe her faith enabled her to find that place of calm which in fact, did save her life.

moshe said...

Yes, Gavriela; I really do believe that staying calm is the way of showing Hashem that all his/her faith and trust is totally in Hashem. Fear is a very natural emotion and emotions take over but one who is in deep heartfelt prayer brings calm which shows one has total trust in his/her Maker. This is important for all of us to work on. May H' protect every Jew and G-D fearing human being in these trying times.