18 July 2021

A Compilation of Videos For Tisha B’Av Viewing (aftn)

Hear the director of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, Mordechai (Suli) Eliav, discuss the values symbolized by the Temple, memory, and the importance of learning from the past so we can march into the future. https://thekotel.org/en/tisha-bav/


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moshe said...

Thank you, thank you for these beautiful videos. M'galim really makes beautiful videos and so informative. It's a wonderful way for many of the youth (especially) to learn some Jewish history. Yasher Koach!
Next year on the 'festival' of Tisha B'Av when Moshiach, hopefully, will be here and we have our beautiful, holy and eternal Beit Hamikdash! We pray that the fast days will be over and the wondrous days will soon be here. Amen!