19 July 2021


 Dave Dobbs:  The Object That Caused The Fukushima Disaster is Inbound One Last Time


 Was Dave alluding to a huge volcano (maybe Yellowstone)?

After about half an hour since we arrived on this hill lava flows cooled down pretty quick. They come and go depending on the activity of the volcano. Though there had been no fog further down in Meradalir. Today we made it all the way to Meradalir valley reaching it from the west. I have not been here since April. So it turned to be quite interesting trip, despite the fact that had been foggy on the Fagradalsfjall plateau and in Geldingadalur but no fog in Meradalir as you see. Volcano Expedition no. 29. July 17, 2021. FAGRADALSFJALL VOLCANO

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moshe said...

Chas v'sholom! Yellowstone is probably one of the most dangerous places on earth if anything happens, it could mamesh destroy the whole ccuntry. H' Yerachem! Much of humanity is decent; may all the ra fall on those who are behind all the evils that are going in the world and H' spare and protect every real Yehudi neshama and every righteous human being!